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Dec 202023

Terry was busy most of yesterday editing and proofreading the last five or six chapters of my new book. As she was finishing the pages I was taking them from her and making the corrections she noted. When we were done, I sent them off to Judy and Roberta. With any luck at all I’ll have the e-book out on Amazon by Christmas.

Terry and I have been making good use of our hot tub, soaking every night before bedtime. We both agree that we are already seeing some slight improvements in our daily back and body pain, and we are sleeping much better, too. There’s nothing like a good long soak and letting the jets massage us to help us relax at the end of the day.

Somebody said it was crazy to go outside to get in a hot tub when the temperatures have been down into the low 30s at night, but the tub is only about three steps from our bedroom door, so we don’t have time to get very cold when we go out to take the cover off and get in, and when we are finished and put the cover back on and secure it after a soak, we are still nice and warm when we get inside.

The tub will easily seat four people, even though it is just Terry, Dougie, Dudley, and me. Dougie and Dudley are the hot tub mascots, floating around just having a totally ducky time. Terry is not too impressed, but I like the little guys. She asked me how I could tell them apart and I told her it’s easy, Dougie has brown eyes and Dudley has blue eyes. How could she not notice that?

Those two aren’t the only birds hanging around here. There are a couple of hawks that that show up now and then, and a while back I told you about a huge owl that swooped down and tried to grab the ball I throw for Alli one night when I was out on the deck. The other day when I was in the barn I noticed a pile of bird poop and a bunch of feathers and some small bones on the floor, and when I looked up there was an owl perched on one of the rafters devouring a small bird. This one was much smaller than the one I saw that night. I don’t know much about different species of owls, but it looked to be about a foot or so tall. It didn’t seem to appreciate me intruding on its lunch hour and flew away. I was surprised because I thought owls were strictly nocturnal.

It was cold again last night, down below freezing, and the high today should be in the low to mid-50s. Our son Travis is coming over with his chainsaw, and between the two of us, we hope to get a lot of the limbs cut off of the fallen trees around the property so I can get them ready to run through the chipper. I imagine we’ll keep plenty warm with all of that activity.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Ladies, if a man gives you an engagement ring with no wedding date, you’re not engaged, you’re just on layaway.

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