Chips And Banana Bread

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Dec 022023

Sounds like a good snack, doesn’t it? Read on, you might be wrong. 😊

The other day I told you about trying out the new DK2 wood chipper and being impressed with the way it worked. By the time I finished, I had a pretty nice pile of wood chips. Now what to do with them?

I know Terry is going to use a lot of them in her garden next spring, and I’m not sure how well they will handle sitting out in the weather between now and then. So I filled up the two big horse watering tubs we used for growing potatoes last summer with some chips and put them inside our storage shed. I figure they will have plenty of time to dry out and I will go out and turn them over every couple of weeks. I’ve still got a lot of limbs and trees down to chop up, so I’m sure we will put the rest of the chips to use.

Now, about that banana bread. One of my favorite treats is Terry’s banana nut bread, especially warmed up in the toaster oven with a bit of powdered sugar on it. Yummy for the tummy. She made a loaf the other day and we’ve been having a slice for our evening treat every night. Sort of delayed dessert after dinner.

We’re supposed to have a lot of rain this weekend, and I sure hope we get it. The heavy rains that were forecast for Thursday night and into Friday didn’t turn out to be much more than a drizzle. Certainly not enough to break the drought we’re under throughout this area. I’ve got nothing to do all weekend but stay home and work on my new John Lee Quarrels book, so let it rain!

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Old age has come at a very inconvenient time for me. Just as I was beginning to know everything, I’m now forgetting everything I knew.

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  1. The wood chips and the garden… lay cardboard down on the garden path then cover that with wood chips….
    If you need to wait till spring make a pile of chips out of the way, they will keep and put them where you want them in the spring.
    Must be nice to have a tractor with a front loader 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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