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Nov 142023

We enjoy sitting out on our back deck, but with cooler weather coming we knew that would limit how much we could take advantage of it. So we decided to look into getting a propane heater or fire pit to use in the coming months. Terry did a lot of research online and settled on a Legacy Heating 28-inch square fire pit table with a 50,000 Btu output from Amazon.

It came with a built-in piezo to light the fire, a knob to adjust how much flame we want, a lid, and lava stone. It only took about an hour for Terry to put it together. That’s because I pretty much stayed out of the way and let her do her thing.

The first step was unboxing everything and making sure nothing was missing.

Then she attached the corners, using a drill with a screwdriver bit.

Once that was done, the next step was to put the sides on, then put the burner in place on the top and add the lava rocks.

All done!

We already had a couple of 20-pound propane tanks, and yesterday we set one in place in the bottom of the fire pit and attached the hose, then fired it up. This is going to be really nice when we are sitting outside in the evenings. 😊

Since I’m pretty much worthless when it comes to doing anything that involves tools, I have to find other ways to earn my keep around here besides just being eye candy. So yesterday I wrote another couple of chapters in my new John Lee Quarrels book, a total of about 4,500 words. As so often happens, the story is already taking a couple of turns I didn’t anticipate because the darn characters seem to have their own opinion of how things should go.

Okay, I’ll just sit back and watch what they do and tell you about the outcome. Sometimes I think they consider me about as superfluous as I am to Terry when she takes on a new project. 😊

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – I’m really getting into the Thanksgiving spirit this year. I gave two people the bird yesterday.

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