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Nov 182023

We needed to stock up on groceries, and since this is a home football game weekend for the University of Alabama, along with Thanksgiving coming up next week, we knew if we didn’t get to town yesterday we would regret it because the crowds would only get worse.

A while back Terry and I were chatting with a young lady who told us that her family owned a good barbecue restaurant that we should try out, and since we really like barbecue we made a note of it. But then things got busy and we never got around to doing so until yesterday, when we went to Archibald’s BBQ in Northport before we did our grocery shopping. Now we’re wondering why we waited so long.

George and Betty Archibald opened their little restaurant in a small cinderblock building tucked away on a side street in 1962 and quickly made a name for themselves serving delicious hickory smoked ribs basted with a special sauce that created a crispy outer layer while leaving the pork underneath moist and tender. They raised their kids cooking ribs, and today the third generation of the family is still using the same recipe in the same location, and draws fans from far and wide. The little family business has been featured in both the New York Times and Southern Living magazine.

If you’re looking for fancy dining, this isn’t the place. They have a small area with a few tables inside, but most folks sit on the picnic tables outside of the small unassuming building. The temperature was about 70, which made it very pleasant while we enjoyed our food.

Terry wanted pulled pork, but actually wound up with sliced pork, which she said was very good.

I chose some ribs, along with their wings, which I had heard were absolutely delicious. No question about it, both the ribs and the wings were excellent, even though the wings were very tiny. I laughed and told Terry that no one said they were chicken wings, maybe they came from sparrows.

Judging by the crowds of people that were there ordering food to eat or take with them, I think Archibald’s is going to be keeping future generations of the family busy cooking for a very long time.

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  1. Make sure you try Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa as well…mighty fine eating.

  2. Yes, it is another of our favorites

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