Range Backstop Day 2

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Sep 212023

Yesterday Travis and I worked on the backstop for the shooting range for several hours and have pretty much got it completed. The first step was to put one more railroad tie on top of the front row of ties, then we used 2x4s and lag screws to secure all three stacks of ties together. As I said in a blog the other day, it’s not pretty, but it will definitely stop anything I’m going to shoot at it.

With that done, we took the front forks off the tractor and put on the bucket loader. The part I bought at Tractor Supply the other day to replace the adjuster arm for the three-point hitch did not work after all, so we couldn’t put the 400+ pound box blade on the back of the tractor for added stability. Which meant we knew we would besomewhat limited in how much dirt we could move with the bucket. But even so, Travis did a great job attacking a big pile of dirt that’s been sitting in the back pasture for years. It’s been there for so long that it was almost rock hard and took a lot of work to break up enough to move.

He could load up to three bucket loads of dirt into the back of the Kawasaki Mule, which helped the process move along quite a bit.

Once we had the Mule loaded, he would also take a bucket full of dirt with the tractor to the backstop and pile it up in front of the railroad ties. Then I would back the Mule up and we would use the dump bed to empty it.

It was a slow process, but we eventually had a big pile of dirt that would help stop any bullet before it got to the backstop. By the time we got done I think we had almost as much dirt on ourselves as we did in front of the backstop.

Since he did so much of the work, I thought it only fitting that Travis be the first to take a shot at the backstop. We put some empty soda cans in front of the dirt and he perforated them very nicely.

Even though I’m sure that what we have now is more than enough for safety’s sake, I still want to get a little more dirt piled up in front, and also in back, of the railroad ties. But I think I will wait until Tuscaloosa Tractor gets the part I need in for the three-point hitch so I can use the back blade to compact everything once all the dirt is moved. It’s been an interesting project, and now I’m looking forward to getting out there and burning up some ammo!

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Thought For The Day – When the past comes knocking, don’t answer. It has nothing new to tell you.

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  1. Nick, do you collect your brass after shooting? I assume you do. How?

  2. Phil, I pick all of it up that I can find, but usually miss a few. I don’t reload my own ammunition any more, but can always find someone who does who can use it. Who know? I may set up another reloading bench one of these days if I find mysel;f doing enough shooting.

  3. Myrna Jorgensen

    Asher data new book to read!

  4. great pics – think about mixing some hay in…..

  5. Well, I was going to suggest, but you already did
    Nick, I have a suggestion for you.. the other day you mentioned you were going to use dirt behind your bullet stop
    instead of using dirt The suggestion would be using Hey bales which you could get from any hay farmer and using your trailer It would probably come out cheaper than having a truck dump sand back there,also the other thing with the Haybale’s Where ever you’re going to have your shot stand just stack hay bales One on top of the other for casing stops that way the brass won’t fly all over the place unless you’re in an area that you don’t care Also, if you try to re-create a IDPA scenario, hay bales work great… and it stays aesthetically pleasing. Plus, Ms. Terry can use the Haybale’s to grow organic vegetables

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