Terry Does It Again!

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Jul 162023

Last week I ordered an Earthquake 33968 K32 wood chipper/shredder from Amazon. The product description said that it would chip branches up to three inches in diameter, as well as turning smaller branches and leaves into mulch that Terry and Travis can both use in their gardens. With so much downed wood here and on his property from the storm a while back, it seemed like a good investment.

We all know that I’m worthless with tools, so yesterday it was time for Terry to work her magic again and put it together. This was definitely a more complicated project than the pine straw rake for my tractor that she put together earlier in the week. Part of that was because a couple of the pieces arrived bent, and she had to bend them back into the proper position first.

But before she did any of that, she read the instructions. Guys, I know that you don’t know what that’s all about. Neither do I. I think it’s a girl thing.

One of the first steps was to put on the wheels, which made it easier to move around during the assembly process.

It was a hot day, though probably better than we’re going to see in the next week, which was why we decided to do it yesterday. But nothing takes a smile off Terry’s face when she’s busy with a challenge like this.

And here is the finished project, all assembled and ready to go to work.

Of course, we had to fire it up and see what it would do. It made short work of some pretty good sized limbs that I fed into it.

The chipped wood is collected in a large heavy duty cloth bag with a zipper on the bottom for easy emptying.

And here we go, perfect for garden mulching or composting.

Thanks for all you do, Terry. Even though I am aware of all your talents and abilities, you still amaze me every day.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – I’m a kid at heart, and a senior citizen at knees and back.

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  2 Responses to “Terry Does It Again!”

    how did the ’26’ pack of seeds do?
    did you ever plant any watermelon?

  2. The seeds did okay until the storm wiped out a lot of the garden.

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