Jul 152023

I don’t want this blog to become a forum for political debate. There’s enough of that all over the Internet these days. But way back when I was a youngster and volunteered to join the Army, there were a couple of things that really ticked me off. Among them was that at 18 years old my country could send me to Vietnam to fight a war, but when I came home, I couldn’t legally buy a drink or vote. A year later, when I wanted to get married in New York, I had to get signed permission from my mother and my commanding officer. The crazy thing was that my fiancée, who was the same age, didn’t need anything. At that time, young women were considered mature enough to make a decision like that, but young men weren’t. Crazy, huh?

Eventually things changed. The voting age dropped to 18, and I became old enough to drink legally. It only took a couple of nights spent hugging the porcelain throne and nasty hangovers to find out that I didn’t want to do that anyway, and I have not had a drink in almost 50 years.

But voting is something else. It is the biggest right and the biggest responsibility we, as Americans, have. Now there is talk of raising the legal age to vote back up to 21, and one Republican candidate for president, biotech founder Vivek Ramaswamy, recently proposed raising the voting age to 25.

This is nonsense. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, an Independent or a Libertarian, a liberal or conservative, you need to get out there and exercise your right to vote. If you don’t, you have no right to bitch about the way things are going in the country. There are issues that Terry and I are very concerned with, and we’re not afraid to show it. Which is why we got these new shirts just the other day from a place called https://www.womenspeak.shop/

In other news, I wrote another 2,000 words in my new Big Lake book yesterday after a delicious breakfast of Terry’s homemade overnight yeasted browned butter waffles. These things are absolutely incredible and I love them.

And if that wasn’t enough to tantalize the taste buds, during the afternoon she made a loaf of her wonderful banana nut bread. Yes, I know, I’m spoiled. 😊

You can find the recipe for the banana bread at this link, and email Terry at Travelinterry@gypsyjournal.net if you want the waffle recipe.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – If you want something different in your life you have to let go of the past. Remember, old keys don’t open new locks.

Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “Our Biggest Right And Responsibility”

  1. Morning!
    A great blog today! The voting age in the US became 18 in 1971! Which I believe is a great age!
    Voting is a privilege and we should note! May countries do not have that right!
    We have may issues to work on here in the US! But I have hope tgat we the people can do it!
    Kathy b

  2. And yet, you made it political anyway!

    PS There are still only two sexes no matter how you cut it.

  3. would you post a link for the VOTE T-shirt? I want one!

  4. Love the t-shirt.

  5. Susan, the link is in the blog.

  6. Fred Hammer,
    Nick didn’t make it political; YOU did! He did not voice an opinion, only said people need to get out and vote. I will say the same thing! Voting is a privilege and a responsibility that we ALL need to exercise.

  7. Hah! I respect your dedication to voting. I feel the same way. I predict those t-shirts won’t win you many friends in your (red) neck of the woods. But wear them proudly nonetheless.

  8. Appropriate & insightful blog post today Nick- I showed my wife & two daughters the photo of Ms Terry holding up her new “VOTE” tee shirt…. lol, all three are utilizing the link you provided to order.
    You & Terry are two are good souls & we who routinely read your blog benefit in many ways from your insightful observations & fun sense of a thoughtful & happy existence.

  9. I got the same shirt! Yes! VOTE! Heroes have given their lives so you could have your say. Most important thing you do as a citizen.

  10. The T Shirt says it all !

  11. Wow! That’s it wow!

  12. A democracy always devolves into a dictatorship which promises government guaranteed equality and security but delivers nothing but poverty and serfdom for the people it robs and rules. That’s why the founding fathers made us a constitutional republic and NOT a democracy.

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