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Jul 112023

Yesterday Terry had an appointment at GI Associates of West Alabama in Tuscaloosa yesterday to schedule a colonoscopy. There’s no reason for us to suspect anything, it’s just a routine follow-up because of continuing problems caused by the radiation enteritis, which is the result of the 60 days of radiation she had during her cancer treatment 23 years ago. This was her first time at this facility and we were very impressed with how quickly they took her in and how thorough they were in going through all of her background information and then scheduling the procedure, which will be toward the end of August.

I had to laugh when I saw this sign hanging in the office of the exam room. I wonder how many people put those gowns on backward. Depending on the person, the view might be better or worse than the other way around! 😊

When we were done there, we went to Pastor’s Mexican Restaurant for an early dinner. I usually get their shrimp chimichanga, but this time we both went for the shrimp queso fundido, which is shrimp in melted cheese. I ordered mine plain, but Terry got hers with onions and peppers. They also come with your choice of corn or flour tortillas. It tasted even better than it sounds. Pastor Garcia, the owner, stopped by our table and chatted with us for a while. He’s a very nice man and we have enjoyed getting to know him when we have dined there in the past.

On the way home we stopped at Tuscaloosa Farmers Cooperative to look for a spray tank to go on the back of my Kawasaki Mule, but the only one they had was bigger than I need and would be overkill. However, we were very impressed with all the farming implements, tractor supplies, gardening tools, seeds, and everything else they carry. We will definitely be stopping there again.

Our final stop on the way home was to fill the truck’s gas tank, and also five gallon cans of gas and diesel for the tractor, Mule, and riding lawn mower. I would say at least one out of three times when I open one side of the pickup’s split tailgate to put something in or take something out, someone has asked me about it because they’ve never seen that before. This time it was a gentleman at the island across from us. A while back it was a police officer in Gordo. He saw the line down the middle of the tailgate where the two doors come together and was curious why I had cut my tailgate in half. He followed me to the business where I was going to ask me about it. I always tell folks that when you are dwarf portly like I am, it makes it a lot easier to get in and out of the truck’s bed. Everybody always seems impressed by that feature.

Back at home, I filled the Mule’s gas tank as well as the Husqvarna riding lawn mower’s and checked the oil in the Mule, lawn mower, and tractor.  Then I did some chores outside while Terry was mowing the grass. With as much rain as we have had, it seems like about the time we get done in the front yard, it’s time to mow in back, and by the time we get done in the back, the front needs it again. I’m definitely going to have to use the brush hog on the tractor on the pasture pretty soon.

Do you remember when I told you about giving Alli a bath the other day, and how good she was? While we were outside yesterday she decided she needed another bath. But this time it was a mud bath. There is a sort of drainage area alongside the barn road that carries water away, and right now it’s got a lot of mud in it. So, of course, Alli had to go wallow in that. What a dog!

I figured we would have to give her another bath, but Terry suggested we just get her to go into her swimming pool, and she could rinse her off there before we took her into the house. And sure enough, it worked! Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us. This sounds like a personal problem to me.

Thought For The Day I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.

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