May 022023

In yesterday’s blog, I said we were going to have a busy day, and I was right. We were on the go nonstop from the time we left the house until we got back after 8 PM.

Our first stop was at the post office in Gordo to send off a couple of things, including Angry Nurse, the mystery/thriller book from last week’s blog drawing, to the lucky winner. I love small town post offices where you’re in and out in a hurry. In the few weeks that we’ve been here the lady already knows that I am “that author guy.” The first time I went in to send a book out at the media mail rate I gave her one of my cards, and she remembers me.

Then we drove about 10 miles west on US Highway 82 to the small town of Reform, where we spent quite a bit of time filling out new patient paperwork at a doctor’s office. We have been looking for a doctor since we moved here, and Doctor Julia Boothe at Pickens County Primary Care came very highly recommended from a number of people. For a small town facility, they seem to have a lot to offer, including a cardiologist, X-rays, lab, and ultrasound.

When we completed all of the paperwork and handed it in, the receptionist said they would call us to schedule our first appointments. With that done, we drove another few miles to Sam Plant Farm, a small nursery on a back road. They had several greenhouses with both garden plants and flowers.

The owners are a very nice couple, and we got to meet one of their cats and two dogs. Grace, their golden retriever, is an absolute sweetheart who loves pets and ear rubs and attention, so I was able to get my puppy fix.

Terry needed some stuff from Lowe’s, and since at that point we were actually closer to Columbus, Mississippi than we were to the Lowe’s in Northport, Alabama where we usually go, we continued west to Columbus. As it turned out, that was a waste of time because they didn’t have the things she needed. Well darn it, anyway.

We retraced our route east and went into Northport, where we easily found everything she wanted. When we were loading the truck someone came up and asked if we needed a hand. This happens every time we go there because people around here are so friendly. This gentleman looked familiar, and it was the driver’s license examiner who had handled transferring our licenses from Florida to Alabama a couple of weeks ago. He recognized us and asked how we were doing as he helped load several bags of Black Kow fertilizer and soil into the back of our truck.

Our next stop was at Walgreens to see about getting a couple more prescriptions from Florida transferred here and renewed. They said it would take a couple of hours, and since we had not eaten all day and it was pushing 6 o’clock we drove a few miles into Tuscaloosa and had dinner at the Shrimp Basket. We first found this small chain of restaurants years ago when were down on the Alabama Gulf Coast during our fulltime RVing days, and the location here is just as good as others we have been to.

About the time we finished eating, Terry got a message from Walgreens that her prescription was ready, so on the way back we stopped, and by the time we got there mine was ready, too. That was good because now we don’t have to run back into town.

We got home just in time to watch a little bit of television and the evening news, write the blog, and then call it a day. I wish we would have gotten back sooner because when we got up yesterday morning, we noticed that the garden fabric we put down has pulled up even though we used the large metal staples that were recommended to keep it in place. I think we’re probably going to just take it out completely. It seems to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Today our son Travis is going to help me pull some more fence posts. I like working with him because he does all of the hard work, and all I have to do is sit on the tractor. I guess age does have its privileges, doesn’t it?

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Confuse your doctor by putting on latex gloves at the same time he does.

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