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May 202023

I got a lot of response to yesterday’s blog about maybe getting a pet or two, in blog comments, comments on Facebook, and some emails. The consensus seems to be that we will know when the right animal(s) comes along, and Terry and I both feel that way.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of scammers in this world, and Facebook seems to be alive with them. I made a couple of comments about German shepherds and polydactyl cats in different groups on Facebook and I have been inundated with messages from people who all have exactly what we are looking for. All I have to do is send them a deposit of anywhere from $50 to $250 and either the animal will be ready to pick up or it will be delivered to us. And the strange thing is that they almost all use the same pictures of the same animals with the same backgrounds, and when you ask them where they are located you get vague answers.

One person who had not only a year old female AKC German shepherd but also a twelve-week-old polydactyl cat, finally told me that he was in Savannah, South Carolina. When I asked him where that is, he told me it was close to Georgia. When I pointed out to him that there is no Savannah in South Carolina, he didn’t try to argue the point. just wanted me to send him a deposit for the animals. Figuring it’s no sin to lie to a thief, I asked for his address and told him that my son is a cop in Savannah, Georgia, and I would send him by with the payment to pick up the animals. Suddenly the only sound I heard was crickets.

Somebody else, who said she was in Birmingham, Alabama, had a purebred German shepherd female that was housebroken and professionally obedience trained. She said she paid over $3,000 for the dog, which is possible because a purebred dog from a champion bloodline can be very expensive. However, she only wanted $200 for it because God called her to a mission in South America to work with orphans, and she was leaving next week. Again, when I tried to tie her down to a location and said I would come out that very day and get the dog, she wanted me to send her the money online and then she would reply with the directions to her home. I told her I wasn’t comfortable with that, and Birmingham was only about an hour from us, so I would come up that very afternoon. No, she wanted the money first before she would give me an address. When I declined, she replied with a text using some very vulgar language that I’m not sure missionaries are allowed to use. Lord, save me from your people!

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Have you ever met someone so stupid that you feel bad for their dog?

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  6 Responses to “Critter Scammers”

  1. Nick, the best dogs are found at animal shelters!

  2. Many of the really good rescues do charge for their animals, merely because the animals often have health problems when they get them . They vet them, care for them and observe their behavior and none of that is free. They may have extensive applications, but their goal is to perfectly match a dog with an owner so that it works for all parties. But normally that fee is in the $200 range even if the dog cost them more than that to rehab. Humane Societies rarely have any such process.

  3. Hey Nick, I am sure that there are German Shepherd Rescues out there; please consider adopting instead of buying.

  4. I have to agree with everyone else. Please check out rescue groups for both German Shepherds and cats. I also agree that you will know when it’s the right one for you. I just can’t believe how many people fall for these scammers. And it’s very sad when they do.

  5. Facebook and their scammers. :-/

  6. Once bitten, twice shy. I got scammed through a false Etsy on FB.

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