Apr 302023

After reading through the last five chapters I wrote in my new Tinder Street book, I printed them out for Terry to edit and proofread yesterday. After I did that, she cut my hair and trimmed my beard, both of which really needed it because I was beginning to look like what you’d get if Cousin Itt from the Adams Family and someone from ZZ Top had a lovechild.

With all of that out of the way, we spent some time working outside. Travis and I plan to take down the fence and pull the fence posts on the north side of our property since we don’t have any livestock we need to keep contained, so I was checking to see if the ground was too soft to get in there with my Kubota tractor. The grass on the north perimeter road is getting way out of control. It was taller than the hood of my Kawasaki Mule, so I definitely need to put the mower attachment on the tractor and get it cut down.

While I was doing that, Terry was putting plants in her second raised planter bed. She said not to post this picture because she didn’t have makeup on and looked goofy. I don’t think she needs makeup to be beautiful, and that’s not a goofy smile, it’s a lady having a good time doing something she loves. What do you think?

A lot of the seeds that Travis and Geli planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to sprout and poke themselves above the ground fabric we laid down over the garden.


And Terry’s potatoes are really taking off.

The other day I told you about the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer motion-activated sprinkler I ordered from Amazon to keep deer and other critters away from the garden. We set it up yesterday, and we both managed to get ourselves soaking wet in the process. Note to self: Next time don’t turn the water on until I’m sure I have everything where it needs to be. It does a good job, and I am so impressed I am ordering a second one for greater coverage. And I won’t turn the water on until I am sure it’s set up where I want it!

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – It’s a good thing that farting isn’t contagious like yawning is.

Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “Sprouts Are Sprouting”

  1. Tell Terry she is beautiful! It’s a picture of a happy woman!

  2. Best picture of Miss Terry ever! A happy lady living her best life.

  3. Love the picture. She looks like a little girl playing in the dirt and having a most excellent time. 🙂

  4. Why do beautiful women think they need warpaint to look good? Terry has a natural beauty and that smile. Love that smile!

  5. Goofy is GOOD!

  6. Terry looks beautiful inside and out and you are a lucky man!

  7. I think you just shortened your lifespan!
    She looks great as always, but you’re gonna be in the doghouse!

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