Karma Got Me

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Apr 152023

I am a big believer in karma, and whenever someone has done me wrong, I don’t worry about getting revenge because I know that karma will come by and bite them in the butt sooner or later. The problem with karma is it goes in both directions.

In yesterday’s blog I said that I had bought Terry a new riding lawn mower and I was sitting on the front porch in my rocking chair watching her work. I’ve got no one to blame but myself for what happened, because I should have known karma wasn’t going to let that slide.

We bought two large plastic bins at Tractor Supply which Terry wanted to use for growing potatoes, and since yesterday was such a nice day, we decided to get them ready. The first step was drilling holes in the bottoms and on the bottom sides so that water could drain out.

Once that was done we took them out by the garden and filled them with a combination of fertilizer, soil, and compost, and then sprinkled some bone meal on top.

Then Terry planted the potatoes, and if all works out, I’ll have French fries in a few months.

Terry’s next step was to start raking the area Travis and I had tilled with the tractor a while back to remove the grass chunks that were starting to show, in preparation for planting.

While she was doing that I decided to remove the wire from the fence posts that separate the backyard from the pasture so the next time Travis is over we can pull those posts out of the ground. Everything was moving along quite well until I got to the last post. It’s in the area that slopes down and remains wet a lot of the time. As I was cutting loose the four strands of wire, I suddenly felt a burning itch on my left leg that intensified by the second. Then I felt it on my arm and looked down and realized that I was covered with ants. I’m not sure if they were fire ants or not, although we have a lot of them around here, but it sure burned like fire.

I got out of there as quickly as I could and yanked off my mud boots and pants, which were both crawling with the nasty little critters inside and out. Terry took a garden hose to me, then I went inside and took a shower. Even after her hosing me down there were still ants clinging to me that were washed off in the shower.

It left me with bites all over my left leg and some on my right leg, causing welts on my left arm and leg. After I dried off from the shower Terry wiped me down with ammonia, which took a lot of the itching out, and then I took some Benadryl. Now, about six hours later, it still itches and burns, but not nearly to the degree it was. Yes, I guess you could say karma came by and bit me. Or at least she sent a bunch of her ant minions to do the job.

We still have quite a bit of raking to do before we can plant, but Terry and I both realized that we have to take it slow at our age and pace ourselves. We were both worn out by the end of the day.

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done.

Nick Russell

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  8 Responses to “Karma Got Me”

  1. Takes me two weeks to recover from a single ant bite. Just lucky I guess. Nothing i have tried works. I even tried Blue Lotion which is used for insect bites on horses and dogs. The itch in incredible. I am ever wary of where I step.

  2. Thank you Nick for the book from last weeks drawing.
    I got it Friday by USPS. Those “printed matter” rates are sure going up.

  3. Those fire ants can be buggers. I’ve dealt with ’em in the past and it hasn’t turned out well for me. Sorrows, my friend, big sorrows for your pain.

  4. Get some Insect Shield socks/pants. They help discourage ticks and ants here in Virginia. And, no i do not have any financial interest
    in Insect shield.

  5. Mosquitos and no-see-ums in Florida, fire ants in Alabama…might as well move to Texas next and get acquainted the killer bees.

  6. Sure sounds like fire ants. On me, the bites end up looking like a small pimple – a red bump with a white central nub. I’ve learned to look down and make sure I’m not close to a nest when I stop walking. Mostly I remember to look, at any rate. Those suckers do get upset when their nest is disturbed.

  7. Fire ants–one of the reasons I never want to live in the south again. Too dry in Arizona for fire ants and too cold in Montana–I think I’m good. Hope your bites heal quickly Nick and be careful–some people (me) are severely allergic to fire ant bites and the bites can cause systemic reactions.

  8. Get a comfrey plant for the fire ants. Tear off a leaf and rub it on the bite. It will stop the burning and itching and no “pimple” will show up. Rub the leaf on your skin to release the oils. It helps with any insect bite and bee stings. I live in Texas and would not be without one.

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