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Mar 292023

After a light breakfast yesterday morning I hopped right on the computer and got to work, writing another chapter in my new Tinder Street book, reading through it, and making some corrections I noticed it needed. Then I printed it out for Terry to edit and proofread. With that done, I spent a couple of hours going through the timeline for the second-half of the 1930s to make sure I had events happening in the right order.

While I was doing that Terry edited and proofread the previous four chapters for me. This morning she will knock out the new one and I will make her changes and get them sent off to Judy and Roberta.

About the time I finished all of that, my wonderful cover artist, Elizabeth Mackey, sent me the print cover for Big Lake Drunk. Scarlett Braden Moss had sent me the formatted print book a couple of days before and I got them uploaded to Amazon. The print version is in their review process and should be available sometime today.

During the afternoon we got a phone call from the title company handling the paperwork for the sale of our Florida house, telling us that they wanted to send a notary to our house this morning so she could get all of our closing paperwork signed and notarized. Then she will overnight it back to Florida and the buyers will do their end of the closing on Thursday. We had a few hiccups along the way, but it looks like the sale is almost completed. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I have been looking for some pallets to get my tractor implements off the ground, and the other day someone on one of the local buy/sell pages had some odd sized ones (29.5 x 49.5) listed for sale. I like the idea because they had three/quarter inch plywood on one side and the price was certainly right. So yesterday afternoon, when we were done with all the book stuff we drove into Northport and bought 20 of them, because we knew our son Travis could use some for projects he has going at his place. The pallets are made in such a way that two of them can fit together to take up less space, and we were able to get all 20 in the back of the pickup.

On the way home we stopped at Travis and Geli’s house and dropped off half of them with him. Each pallet is rated to hold 800 pounds, and I have a couple of projects in mind for the next time I get some more of them. The seller said she gets them just about every week, so that should not be an issue when the time comes.

Moving on to another subject, I always like telling you about products that we found that we enjoy, but I think it’s also important to tell you about ones that don’t work out so well. A while back I told you about purchasing a set of GTHUNDER digital night vision binoculars for checking out the deer that browse in our pasture after dark. I had high hopes for them, but they turned out to be pretty much worthless. They were heavy and clunky, and the image quality was terrible, both during simple viewing or when using the built-in camera or shooting video. I actually get better pictures of the deer at night using my cell phone camera. After three weeks of trying, re-reading the manual to see if I was doing something wrong, and still not getting any decent results, I sent them back. I have been so busy with other things going on around here that I still haven’t had time to set up my two Meidase P60 trail cameras. I am hoping for better results from them.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – I am no longer interested in any question that assumes I am a problem to be fixed.

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  1. Just a suggestion, and probably don’t need to tell you, if using these pallets outside, I would treat them with Linseed Oil to help keep them water resistant. I am a believer in Linseed oil, as I have a trailer, purchased in 1991, that I treat the flooring with it and have not had to replace the flooring, even though it is kept outside.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. Update: The print version of Big Lake Drunk is now available on Amazon at

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