Feb 152023

Even though we are finished with the move from our old home in Florida to our new place in Alabama, we still have quite a way to go before life gets back to normal. Today our son Travis and his wife Geli are going to come by and help us unload the cargo trailer, which I guess is really the last step in the actual move.

But we need to finish unpacking things and get our offices set up. To do that, I need to find some of the cords that connect my computer components together. Somehow the cords got separated from the computer in the move. I suspect they are in one of the boxes in the trailer. I am eager to get started on my next Tinder Street book.

Terry is getting her kitchen put together, and I am looking forward to some of her delicious goodies in the near future. Several of her looms are also in the trailer, and I know she is eager to get them inside and decide how she’ll set them up. She also needs to figure out where her antique Aladdin lamps will be displayed. It is interesting that even though our new house is larger than our place in Florida, we actually have less wall space due to the many windows in each room. But that’s okay, we do love the views.

We need to find new homes for some things, including one of Terry’s big Glamakra looms and my slot machine.

The last couple of days have been very nice, with temperatures in the 70s and a nice breeze, and the ground is starting to dry out. Not enough to move my heavy gun safe into the house yet, and the weatherman says we have some strong storms coming through the area on Thursday so we may lose the gains we have made, darn it. ☹

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – I drink wine because my doctor said I shouldn’t keep things bottled up.

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    seeds are in the air –
    and call it a housewarming!

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