Feb 272023

It’s nice to have our back room, the one with all of the windows, pretty much organized and both of our desks set up. I have my corner with my rolltop desk, computer, and extra monitor, and Terry has her computer on the other side of the room, as well as her Louet Spring II loom.

For the 18+ years we were fulltime RVers we did everything in the close confines of our motorhome. After buying our place in Florida, Terry’s office was on one side of the house and mine was on the other, and we missed being together. Some might call us codependent, but we don’t care. It’s what makes us happy.

Saturday evening we were in the office and I was writing the blog when Terry looked out into our back pasture and saw seven deer. I have a small pair of binoculars on my desk, and I tried to get a better view of the deer with them, but the glass in the door was frustrating me. Without thinking, I opened the door, which set off our burglar alarm and scared us and the deer at the same time. By the time I got to the keypad and shut it down the deer were long gone. Somewhere I’ve got a couple pair of better binoculars but they’re in a box we haven’t gotten around to opening yet. I told Terry I want to get some game cameras to put up so we can get some pictures of our visitors.

I finished another chapter in my new Tinder Street book yesterday and then printed out several chapters for Terry to edit and proofread. Between that and finalizing all of our paperwork to send to our accountant to get our income taxes filed, she’s going to be busy for a while. I figure about the time she gets caught up I’ll have more chapters for her to go over.

It has warmed up quite a bit, and when you couple that with all of the rain we have been having, it’s no surprise that the mosquito population is out in force. Yesterday afternoon I took the Kawasaki Mule for a ride down some of the trails on the back end of our property and while I was out there I got a phone call so I stopped to take it. It seemed like seconds after I stopped moving a swarm of mosquitoes descended on me. It was like the fat man blood buffet was open and they were all very hungry. At least they are no worse than the mosquitoes in Florida and better than the damn noseeums we had there. I don’t miss those vicious little critters even a bit.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – The older I get, the more I regret all of the people I’ve lost over the years. Maybe being a trail guide wasn’t such a great career choice after all.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  3 Responses to “Rain + Warm = Mosquitos”

  1. Have you heard of the Mosquito Magnet?

  2. Rob, I think I am a mosquito magnet

  3. I talked to a lady in Minnesota who told me that the Mosquito Magnet gave her back the back yard.
    The bugs were really bad in Minnesota in the summer.

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