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Feb 172023

Most of the western side of Alabama was under severe storm watches yesterday, including here in Pickens County. There was a tornado watch in effect from noon until 8 p.m., but thankfully, all we got was some rain. Like we needed more rain, right?

Travis and Geli came over to be near our tornado shelter, just in case, and to help unload our cargo trailer. They made short work of that job and we really appreciate everything they do for us. Of course, now we have even more boxes stacked in every room of the house waiting to be unpacked.

I was glad to find the box of cords for my computer. Hopefully I can sort them all out and get everything hooked up and get to work on my next book. I am going through writing withdrawals.

While we were busy with the trailer, UPS came by with several packages of things we had ordered, including a heavy-duty sod buster plow blade for my Kubota tractor that I plan to use to create some drainage trenches. Of course, that’s assuming that the rain ever stops long enough for the ground to dry out enough to actually be able to use the tractor.

Something else that was delivered was a set of Cainozo Traction Boards that a blog reader recommended after I wrote about getting stuck in the mud the day we were leaving for Florida. I’m sorry I don’t remember who told me about them, but I appreciate it.

One thing we had not ordered and was not expecting was a gift of dozens of seed packets that longtime blog reader Harold Hommeland sent us. There is everything from sweet corn and collards to cucumbers, beans, peppers, radishes, and more. I didn’t see any pepperoni pizza seeds, but I may have overlooked them. Thank you, Harold. Terry and Travis are going to have a good time growing all kinds of veggies from all those seeds!

A little later in the afternoon, we got another gift when a neighbor brought over two big venison tenderloins. Terry cut one up into pieces and country-fried it for dinner. Talk about delicious!

The neighbor also showed us some pictures of the local deer, including a huge buck that was standing by my tractor one morning last week when we were down in Florida. He said a day or so later he counted fourteen deer in our pasture. I definitely need to get some game cameras and set them up.

So that was our day yesterday – a little concern as we watched the weather, a lot of help from Travis and Geli, and unexpected gifts. All in all, it was a very good day! 😊

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – If pigs really could fly, I bet their wings would taste absolutely delicious!

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  4 Responses to “Gifted”

  1. I didn’t see any pepperoni pizza seeds – I AM STILL LQQKING FOR THOSE TOO

  2. TK Galloway

    Dfd you ever think you have too much stuff ??

  3. I would start with an 8 ft fence for your garden. The deer are never going to leave you alone.

  4. It’s a relief that the storm passed without causing any damage. It must be a huge help to have family members like Travis and Geli to lend a hand with the unpacking. With the rain showing no signs of stopping, it sounds like that sod buster plow blade will come in handy. Have you ever used this type of tool before?

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