A Hardworking Crew

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Feb 212023

We had a crew scheduled to start putting new roofs on our house and garage yesterday, and Bobby, the owner of BP Roofing & Construction, said to expect them by 7:30. Terry and I were up and out of bed at 7, and fifteen minutes later Bobby’s men arrived and set right to work. No standing around smoking and joking and discussing what they had done over the weekend. They got right on it and stayed at it all day except for a short lunch break.

The first step was stripping off the old shingles. They had backed a big trailer up to the porch and threw everything in from the roof. It took two or three trailer loads to carry everything away.

With that done, they started putting down roofing felt and taking packages of new shingles up to the roof.

We were impressed with this gas-powered loader that carried the heavy bundles up the ladder to the roof. That has to spare a lot of backbreaking work!

While some of the men were doing that, a couple of others stripped the old tiles off the garage roof and put the felt down.

Anyone I have ever known who had roofing work done was plagued with flat tires afterward. Bobby assured me that his people did everything they could to prevent that. One man was using a device that looked like an old push mower but is actually a big magnet.

Two others were using small magnets that looked like brooms. And it was obvious they were some serious magnets. Look how much they collected in one pass between the house and garage.

Even Bobby, the company’s owner, was out in the yard picking up nails and debris!

Bobby’s men didn’t speak much English, but they were all hard working, friendly, and polite, communicating as well as they could. They worked until dark, and by the time they were finished, the house roof was completed and all they had left was the ridgepiece and some trim on the garage. They will be back again this morning to finish that.

I can’t recommend Bobby and BP Roofing & Construction enough. A good, dependable small business that is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy their customers.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – My biggest fear of becoming a zombie is all the walking involved.

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  1. Nick, you and Terry are going to become official “early risers” if it kills you! 😉

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