Jan 082023

When I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago that we were going to be making a major change in our lives, I didn’t want to jinx the deal by telling everybody what was happening until we were sure everything was going to go through and we would actually close on our house in Alabama. I have to admit that it’s been interesting to see some of the things people thought the big announcement was going to be about.

Because I had mentioned that we had been back and forth to Alabama several times, at least seven or eight people thought we had been going to the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, Alabama because we were going to buy a new motorhome and go back to fulltime RVing. No, that part of our life is over, and while we enjoyed the 18+ years that we were fulltiming, neither one of us has any desire to go back to it.

Probably as many people thought the announcement was that I had a movie or television deal for one of my book series. While I was approached by a studio a year or so ago about the Big Lake series, and there have been a couple of other overtures, nothing has panned out in that respect. While the money offered would have been nice to have, I turned down the deal for the Big Lake series because they basically wanted to own me and control everything I would be doing for the next couple of years.

Along with people thinking that we were going to go back to RVing, a couple of people thought the announcement was going to be that we were going to at least be holding another RV rally. Wrong again. Our last rally was in Celina, Ohio, back in 2012, and while they were a lot of fun, they were also a tremendous amount of work. We have been out of the RV lifestyle for so long now that I don’t know that we would have anything to contribute to the new crop of RVers out there.

I was surprised by how many readers were afraid that the announcement was that I was retiring from writing my books. As long as my mental faculties hold up and people keep wanting to read them, I have no intention of ever retiring. I may slow down a little bit as time goes on, but I have too many stories to tell to ever stop.

Terry and I both got a big laugh out of one person who thought the announcement was that we were having a baby. Really? At our age? No, the only diapers that will get changed in our household in the future are going to be the ones I may be wearing someday. That Depends. 😊

Of course, quite a few people did suspect that we were buying a house in Alabama near our son and daughter-in-law. I guess you get the prize.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Being a baby must be traumatizing at times. Imagine going to sleep in your house and you wake up at Target.

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