Jan 042023

Yesterday we closed on our new house and acreage in Alabama as we start a new chapter in our lives. As I wrote a few days ago in my blog post Making A Big Change, we bought a house out in the country on almost eight acres, a half hour west of Tuscaloosa. It is fifteen minutes from our son Travis and his wife Geli, and it’s a beautiful piece of property, half pasture and half wooded.

Here we are after all the paperwork was completed, with Justin and Crystal Abrams, the former owners. They are a wonderful, down to earth couple that Terry and I felt an immediate kinship with. We feel like in the process of buying the house, we also acquired new members to our extended family, and we look forward to getting to know them even better. They have bent over backward to accommodate us throughout the buying process, even giving us a key to the house before closing so we could get in and measure room sizes and such before they had moved out.

We also really appreciate Marana Payne, our real estate agent, who patiently answered my many questions every time I called or texted, and who went way above and beyond the call of duty to make this a smooth transaction. I have bought several pieces of property in my life and interacted with many real estate agents in my career publishing small town newspapers in the Pacific Northwest and in Arizona. I have never met such a complete professional, and we count Marana as a new friend, too. She even went so far as to tell us that since we don’t have any family here except for Travis and Geli, she will round up some of her friends and family members to help us unload our big U-Haul truck when we get here with it. You have to love small town people!

It’s interesting to note that Geli, Marana, and Justin are all from the small town of Reform, just a few miles down the road. Geli and Marana have been friends since they were girls, and Justin’s mother drove the school bus they all rode in.

It took us two days to load our cargo trailer for the trip here, and man, was it packed! I was half afraid that when we dropped the ramp on the back of it once we got here, everything would fall out at once. But we obviously did a good job of packing and securing the load, because nothing moved an inch. And though it wore us out packing it, with Travis and Geli doing much of the work, the whole thing was unloaded in not much more than an hour.

The weatherman had predicted strong storms yesterday, and it was raining with lots of thunder and lightning while we were at the title company for the closing. But we got lucky and it stopped raining while we were unloading. Then later in the evening, it started up again and really poured.

Today we will go back to the house to sort through some of the stuff we brought with us and decide what will go where. Then we will head back to Florida on Thursday and continue packing up the house there to get ready to load it all up in the U-Haul on the 13th.

Somebody asked me if we plan to keep the Florida house, too. No. We have already talked to a real estate agent, and once we have moved out, we will list it. But not until then because we don’t want to have people coming by to look at it while we are busy with the moving process.

We have a big job ahead of us! Wish us luck.

Thought For The Day – I tried to be normal once. It was the worst 10 minutes of my life.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  14 Responses to “Starting A New Chapter”

  1. Is it my imagination, or does Crystal look like Tiffany?

  2. No, but she bears a startling resemblance to Terry’s sister Lisa.

  3. Good job. I am sure you feel it when you are all done. just another of natures gifts to us old chubby guys.

  4. It sounds like everything is falling into place. You should be settled in in no time. Hey Nick, with all that land, now you can have another RV Rally! 🙂

  5. Best of luck to you on your new home and this new phase of your lives. We’ve moved 12 times in our 48 years of married life, the most recent getting back off the full-time RV life and back into a sticks ‘n bricks, at least for the next few months while we look after some medical issues.
    In any event, best wishes to you both, the pix of the property looks great and I’m sure you’re glad to be back close to family.
    Enjoying the blog, fun to ride along on the adventure!

  6. Lynn Cross

  7. Best of luck with packing up! Will Terry’s looms have to be taken apart? Big job!

  8. Did Terry have to disassemble all of her looms to make the move? That sounds like a huge job if she did.

  9. Terry’s two big looms will have to be disassembled. The others can be moved as they are.

  10. Welcome to Alabama buddy!!!

  11. Best of luck, I am sure you will grow some delicious water melons there.
    Roll Tide! 😜

  12. luck & have a blessed new year.

  13. Congratulations. I see a garden and four wheel in your future and lots of good cooking in Terry’s new kitchen.

  14. Congratulations on your new home. I hope you both love it. We will still spend winters here in Sarasota, but come spring we head back to Arkansas. I understand completely why you were disillusioned with Florida. Bet you’ll miss your friends there, though.

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