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Jan 312023

Thank you to everybody who has expressed concern for our health and keep asking if we are doing any better. We are, though I am making a faster recovery than Terry. I still cough a bit, but the congestion is mostly gone, and I am not as tired as I was all the time. Poor Terry is still coughing a lot, especially when she reclines her chair in the evening or when she lies down at night, and her energy level has not rebounded as much. But if you know my wife, you know she doesn’t let anything slow her down.

We are making progress getting our house organized, emptying a lot of boxes and putting things away, or at least where they will be for a while. Our living room is huge, 30 by 23 feet, and we still need to get it arranged a little better, but at least everything is not still pushed into one corner.

Terry and I are both bookaholics and we have bookshelves everywhere. Now we just have to finish filling them back up.

But we are making headway. This corner was piled almost as high as the window on the right with boxes of books two days ago.

Our large back room has an abundance of windows that look out on our pasture and barn. Terry and I will have our desks there and share office space, and she plans to put her Louet Spring II loom in there, too. Right now, our desks are still piled high with things waiting to be put away.

Today, son Travis and daughter-in-law Geli are coming over to help me get the garage arranged a bit. The man installing our tornado shelter said he and his helper should be able to get the gun safe out of the way and into the house when they come later in the week. I sure hope so, because it is heavy!

Several readers have asked about Chicken Little, the hen the previous owners of our place could not catch when they rounded up the rest of their flock when moving out. She is still hanging out here, spending her days pecking at the ground and sitting on the deck at night. We have been feeding her, and yesterday she actually ate out of Terry’s hand. I have been worried that some predator will get her or that she will freeze to death on some of our cold nights. Travis and Geli are going to try to catch her and take her to their place and put her in with their flock. I really hope they are successful because she seems lonely.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – If I can make at least one person laugh, or spit out their drink, or maybe pee their pants a little, then my day is not wasted.

Nick Russell

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  1. Hi, Glad to hear the move is coming along and you are starting to feel better.
    Could you share about your tornado shelter? Where will it be installed? And what kind it is? Thanks in advance. Carol

  2. We used to use a fishing net to catch the chickens. Works well.

  3. It looks amazing. I am so jealous of the spaciousness

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