Jan 092023

Life is all about boxes, isn’t it? We live and work in boxes made of wood, stone, concrete, or metal; we box up our memories, good and bad, in our brains; we check off boxes every time we fill out a form (which will eventually go into a box somewhere), and we are told to think outside the box. Unless we think too far outside of it, then we get criticized.

Lately, boxes have taken over our home as we prepare for our move to Alabama. We have boxes everywhere! Some boxes are filled with small appliances and kitchenware and are ready to go.

I have a lot of boxes filled with books. These are only part of them. We took a load up on our trip last week. And Terry has lots of books that still have to be put in boxes!

At first, it was hard to find boxes, and friends were bringing them home from stores or anywhere else they could find them. We also bought some from U-Haul. Did you know that if you buy boxes from U-Haul and don’t use them, and they still have the little folded tabs on them, you can return them for a refund? We didn’t until now.

I think we have enough boxes now. There is a big pile of them in the garage, but they do get filled pretty rapidly. Our new neighbors in Alabama might think we are alcoholics because I found that liquor stores are good places to get boxes. Some of them even have partitions for bottles, which are good for glassware and such when we are packing.

So that’s what we did most of yesterday, pack boxes. We still have a lot more boxes and a lot more things to put in them, but we keep plugging away at it.

Even though our house and garage are full of boxes, our big concrete parking apron in front of the house is getting emptier, because yesterday I sold my scissor trailer, which we used to use for putting the pontoon boat in and out of the garage. I also found a home for our homemade kayak trailer, which we won’t need now because if we want to go kayaking in Alabama, we will just throw them in the back of the cargo trailer.

All this activity of boxing up stuff takes up a lot of energy and helps work up an appetite. Miss Terry took care of that problem last night with an amazing dinner of her delicious shrimp and grits. The only problem is, I ate so much that I don’t want to move now. Does anybody want to come over and fill some boxes for me?

Thought For The Day – The most dangerous risk we take is not living our lives the way we want to, believing that if you work long enough, you will eventually be able to buy the freedom to do it later.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  2 Responses to “Boxes, Boxes, And More Boxes”

  1. Good luck on your next adventure. I look forward to reading about them.

  2. Liquor boxes are also sturdy enough to hold hardback books.

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