Dec 032022

We’ve all heard that if we’re not good little boys and girls, Santa will only leave us a lump of coal under the Christmas tree. I guess maybe that’s about half right, at least in my case. Here is the pretty Christmas tree that our daughter-in-law Geli and son Travis cut down on their very own property and Geli decorated. Isn’t it pretty?

And I got a lump of coal for Christmas. But it’s not the kind of coal that you can burn or grill steaks on. This is coal soap. The actual name of it is Big Ass Lump of Coal soap. I thought that it was because, well, let’s face it, I’m not exactly tiny, and we all know I can be an ass at times. But Travis says it’s because of the size of the bar. which is huge! Like maybe the size of three bars of Irish Spring.

What’s that, you ask? How can you bathe with coal and get clean? Don’t ask me, that’s a question way above my pay grade. But then again, how can a brown cow eat green grass and give white milk? It’s another one of life’s mysteries.

Our son Travis first introduced me to Lump of Coal soap a while back, and I really like it!  It smells great and it really works. If you need stocking stuffers for the men in your life, trust me, they’re going to love this! You can find it at Lowes, Tractor Supply, and, of course, on Amazon.

And before I close for the day, here is a quick Alabama sunset picture I took last night with my phone. It may not be as stunning as a sunset out in Arizona or New Mexico, but it’s still nice.

Thought For The Day – You are not a product of your circumstances, you are a product of your decisions.

Nick Russell

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  1. I have been buying that lump of coal soap for years for my boys. They love it!

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