Dec 072022

No, I’m not talking about the holiday special at the local buffet, I am actually talking about three different things. Stay with me, this will make sense eventually.

Whenever we are in this area, we make it a point to eat at Mr. Chen’s Chinese restaurant in Tuscaloosa, where the food and service are all excellent. But when we ate there with our son Travis and his amazing wife Geli, she felt shortchanged when she opened her fortune cookie and it was just a thin slice of paper with nothing on it. It’s okay Geli, we still love you.

Folks here in small town America really have the Christmas spirit. One of our son’s neighbors has an impressive display in his front yard that we could not help stopping to admire. This is only part of it!

And now, about those chickens. Yesterday we spent some time at our new friends Justin and Crystal Abrams’ place here in Gordo. They have eight acres of land that includes both a huge pasture and some forested areas, along with all kinds of critters. There are a couple of big friendly dogs and three horses. Our barrel racing granddaughter Hailey would love this place!

There is also a big flock of chickens of all kinds.

They are so tame they will eat right out of your hand!

This includes three roosters. But unlike Ricardo, the late rooster our son Travis had, which was aggressive and kept attacking his wife Geli, these guys are all well-mannered and behave themselves. I don’t know if that is because they were raised by hand or if they heard what I did to Ricardo and know better than to get on my bad side. 😊

Today we leave to begin our trip back home. It’s about 620 miles, and when we were younger, we could easily do that in a day. But now that we are officially old farts we move at a slower pace, so we’ll probably stop somewhere in northern Florida for the night and get home tomorrow.

Thought For The Day – We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.

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