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Oct 182022

The batteries in all of our security cameras are charged up, I managed to get our Ring doorbell system back working again after it went haywire during the hurricane, the house sitter has the keys, the truck is loaded, and we are ready to roll.

Terry has a follow-up appointment with her doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville today to go over the results of the ultrasound exams she had last week, although they’ve already sent us an e-mail saying that everything is fine.

When we get done with that, we will continue on to our son’s house near Gordo, Alabama. Our days of driving 600 or more miles a day are behind us, so we won’t make it all the way there today. Depending on what time we leave Mayo, we will probably either stop in Dothan or Troy for the night and continue on the rest of the way tomorrow morning.

We are really looking forward to spending some time with Travis and Geli, and there are a few things around the house he needs my help with. While there isn’t much I know how to do when it comes to being a handyman, I do understand electrical issues and a couple of other things that he needs some advice on.

Since he lives out in the country with no close neighbors, we are also taking a couple of shotguns along to do some trap shooting while we are there. Does anybody have a good recipe for clay pigeons?

We will probably be there for about a week or so, and then we will head back home. A cold front is coming down from up north, and it’s going to be in the 50s the first couple of days we are there, with overnight lows dropping down to about 29 degrees. I’m not looking forward to that part of it. Fortunately, it is supposed to warm back up into the 70s about midweek. The good thing is, hopefully, the cold snap will kill off the mosquitoes!

A couple of people have asked me when my new Big Lake book is going to be finished. I had hoped to have it out in October, but medical issues and Hurricane Ian threw me off schedule. It is more than half finished, and I will work on completing it as soon as we get back from our trip to Alabama.

I usually put out anywhere between four and six new books a year, and this will only be my third book for this year because of our long trip out to Arizona and back and now this trip. Normally I would be fretting about that, but someone reminded me of something the other day. When I’m dead and gone, my kids and grandkids won’t sit around talking about the number of books I published. What they will remember are the times we spent together, and you can’t put a price tag on that. As my dad used to say, they can take away your money, and they can take away your house, but they can’t take away your memories. I like building good memories whenever I can.

Because Travis and Geli do live out in the country, the Internet service is rather flaky out there. So while I will try to post a blog as often as possible, I won’t promise to have one every day.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Sometimes words just aren’t enough. That’s why we have middle fingers.

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  1. Jerry Walter…stay safe and enjoy your trip and visit.

  2. Have a wonderful time! We just had a visit from my husband’s son and it was delightful! I’ll miss your blogs, but I know family visits have a much higher priority! Looking forward to hearing about your visit when you return and then, the next Big Lake book! Best wishes!
    Norma (one of your biggest fans!)

  3. I’m glad that you and your wife are taking a nice trip, however being a giant Nick Russell fan I’m counting the days until your next book is out. Stay safe. Kathy Miller

  4. Have a wonderful time and we will look forward to your blogs when you have time to write. Stay safe you two! Enjoy! Kathy Rousseau & of course Rick

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