It Was A Great Day

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Oct 162022

Thank you, everybody, for all of the birthday greetings in the blog comments, emails, text messages, phone calls, and on Facebook. I tried to acknowledge each one individually, but there were literally hundreds of them, so many I was overwhelmed. But I read every one of them, and you really touched this old man’s heart.

It was a wonderful, laid-back birthday. We spent part of the morning cuddling in bed and enjoying not having a darn thing to do. Actually, we had things to do, but sometimes we just have to start the day off at a slow pace.

After a light breakfast of berries and cream and half a bagel each, I spent a couple of hours answering emails and Facebook messages. Then I started charging all of the batteries for the cameras in our home security system.

Speaking of batteries, when we went to Dixie Crossroads on Friday for dinner with our friends Aaron and Peter, I wanted to drive my Mustang, but it had been so long since I did that the battery was down. We took Terry’s Pacifica instead, but yesterday I put a charger on it and got the car started, then drove it around for a few miles to charge it up. I know it’s crazy to have a car I don’t drive. Since I bought it new in 2018, I have only put 1,666 miles on it. I guess I should drive it more. If I don’t, someone else will once I’m gone.

While I was doing all of that, Terry was making me this delicious three-layer birthday cake, all from scratch, of course. And trust me, it tastes even better than it looks!

About 6:30 we went to Alberto’s Italian Restaurant for a light dinner. This place has been here for a couple of generations and is always busy. It seems like every year or so we go there, and when we leave we both agree we’re in no hurry to return. I know a lot of people enjoy it, and it’s not that the food isn’t good, it’s just not good enough to want to go back for more.

We have a lot to do today and tomorrow to get ready for our trip to Alabama this coming week. We’re really looking forward to seeing our son Travis and his wife Geli and soaking up some of that clean country air.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us. Did someone move the sign, or did they move the lake?

Thought For The Day – One more bad decision and I’ll have the whole set.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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  1. So happy you had a lovely birthday. The cake looked wonderful. I love to cook but my baking is terrible.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Nick. We’re in Sarasota for the winter now and I’m not back on routine yet. Also, our neighbor’s mobile home was totaled by Ian, so we’ve wasted a lot of time watching cleanup.

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