Still Here

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Sep 292022

We have had a lot of wind and about 10 inches of rain but we are still here. Power and internet flickering so no blog today. We are safe and if we can get through Thursday this will all be over.

Nick Russell

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  1. Stay safe! We are praying for everyone in it’s path.

  2. Thank you for letting us know you are doing OK. I know you will be well because you are in the care of Miss Terry.

  3. Stay safe. Thanks for the short message. We know your both alright so far.

  4. Praying for you and Terry to stay safe😘

  5. Good News Nick !
    Maintain course…,….

  6. SO happy and relieved you and Terry are OK. Thanks for letting us know. Be safe

  7. Hang on! We don’t know yet if our place in Sarasota came through ok. We are in Arkansas. Hope you and Terry have no damage.
    Ray & Carol Burt

  8. We are so happy that you are safe, hope you did not receive very much damage and our prayers to the both of you.

  9. Good to hear! It looked like the hurricane passed right over the top you.

  10. Thanks for report.

  11. Hang in there!

  12. anyone there?

  13. I’m also quite concerned but can appreciate why the silence. Live just south in Cape Canaveral and every person I have ever met was questioning what was going on. Sometimes you are so busy dealing with life you have no time or energy for reporting on it.

  14. 1pm central – JUST SPOKE TO NICK – ALL OK!

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