Sep 132022

A while back, the rotating Orbit heads on our sprinkler system stopped working. At first, we thought they might be clogged up or something, so we soaked them in vinegar overnight, but that didn’t do any good. Fortunately, we had some extra ones that had not been used yet, so the other day, Terry and I decided to swap them out.

Replacing the heads themselves was no problem. I just unscrewed them from the system and screwed the new ones on. But we ran into real issues trying to get the spray arc set the way we wanted. Either they were turning so far in one direction or the other that they were hitting the house and not getting good coverage on the yard, or they wouldn’t move much at all. Following the directions online, we finally got them to work pretty well, although they still need a little bit of refinement.

One problem when doing anything outdoors here in Florida this time of year is that you either have to do it in the heat of the day and melt, or wait until the morning or evening when it’s a little cooler. But then you have to deal with the noseeums. If you’ve never encountered these tiny biting insects, consider yourself lucky. They are nasty little critters and bloodthirsty as hell. By the time we were done, Terry and I both had a multitude of bites on our ankles, arms, and various other places.

I have heard a lot of so-called ways to prevent noseeum bites, everything from Avon Skin So Soft to different types of bug spray to dabbing on different kinds of essential oils. Maybe they work for some people, but not for me. I swear I could pour high-test gasoline on myself and light a match, and they would figure out a way to get through the smoke. They probably like barbecued fat boy.

Besides itching terribly, another problem with noseeum bites is that about the time you think they’ve gone away, they start itching all over again. I have found that liberal use of an After Bite stick or Benadryl extra strength anti-itch cream helps for a little bit, but no matter what remedy I try, the only thing I can really do is wait it out until they finally stop itching, which can be days or even weeks. They are just one of the not-so-wonderful things about living in Florida.

In other news, Elizabeth Mackey got the print cover for Pucker Factor finished, and I will be uploading it to Amazon today. If all goes well, it should be available for purchase sometime this evening.

Today we have to run into Daytona Beach to pick up some 55-gallon drums to take up to our son Travis in Alabama in a couple of weeks. And tomorrow, we go back to Kutryb Eye Institute in Titusville for another follow-up exam on Terry’s eyes to see how they are coming from her cataract surgery. Since Stavro’s Pizza in New Smyrna Beach has a special of a large pizza, calzone, or stromboli for half price plus $1.75 on Wednesdays, I think that’s where we’ll be having dinner tomorrow.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – You always hear people say “I would never,” and then here they come, nevering like they never nevered before.

Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “Nasty Little Critters”

  1. for the life of me – your in the tropics!
    ammonia or bleach – watered down seem to take the ‘STING’ out –
    A FAN HELPS TOO – have you noticed that some public places have fans blowing as you enter.
    ….and just call the younger ‘expert’ for that work!
    The area you are in has some mosquitoes that competes with the state bird of Louisiana- jokingly is the mosquito!

  2. not sure this will work for you, but we had some type of bug bite that we think might have been noseeums and tried everything to stop the itch. I finally started pushing real hard on the red mark with my fingernail to push out some of the poison, then I dabbed some Peroxide on the bite and then put Hand sanitizer on the bite. not sure what kind I used, but that really helped stop the itching much longer than any of the anti itch meds I used. If you try that let me know if that works.

  3. Try flowers of sulfer. That works to ward off chiggers here in Kansas.

  4. Nick, I live in Iowa where the critters are real bad. I have used Bug Soother with a whole lot of success. It is a Midwest product.

  5. Bites around your ankles seems to indicate Aedes mosquitos ? I live in Bakersfield CA and the Aedes arrived in our area a couple years ago and they are very difficult to control. And as you say their bite really, really itches!

  6. Maybe wearing a bee keeper’s suit would help …

  7. I live in the low desert, Lake Elsinore, in California, on the lake and we are inundated with noseeums and their bite(s) drive one nuts. I have found that pouring 3% peroxide on a cotton pad undiluted and rubbing that on my legs stops the insane itching quite quickly and seems to slow down new bites.

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