Sep 152022

Terry had another post-op appointment with the eye doctor in Titusville yesterday to see how both eyes are doing after her cataract surgery. There is no question that he is one of the top doctors in his field, and he is a very busy man, so you have to exercise a lot of patience to be one of his patients. (Did you see what I did there? 😊)

Her appointment was for 2 PM and we got there a few minutes early, but it was 3:30 before they ever called her back for a quick eye exam. Then we were put in another room and told to wait with several other patients. Eventually, we went in to see the doctor, which didn’t take more than 15 minutes or so, and he was very pleased with the results in both eyes. By the time we got out of there, it was five o’clock. I always wondered what a doctor would do if you handed him a bill for the time you sit waiting past your appointment.

On the drive down to Titusville in the morning, we saw a lot of dark clouds overhead, and I told Terry that I had a feeling the Space X rocket launch scheduled for that evening would be scrubbed. Now, all those hours later, just as we were getting into the van to leave after Terry’s appointment, it started to rain. By the time we had driven two or three blocks, it was pouring, and it continued to do so all the way back home. I joked with Terry that since the storms always seem to miss us, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got back to find everything dry. And sure enough, the rain stopped a few miles south of our house, and it didn’t look like anything had fallen there.

We continued on into New Smyrna Beach to have dinner at Stavro’s Pizza, which was delicious as always. As we started to go home from there, the rain caught up with us. Terry and I were wondering how it would be when we got back to the house, expecting to see it dry as usual, but we were wrong. The rain was coming down hard, and it continued to rain all evening and into the night. I’m sure the folks at Space X were disappointed to have to scrub the launch for a second time, but we don’t have any complaints because our yard and citrus trees really need it.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day – Don’t worry about getting older. You’re still going to do stupid stuff, only slower.

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  2 Responses to “Even More Hurry Up And Wait”

  1. I must agree with you regarding waiting for doctors. I always thought that was the point of making an appointment. I once had an appointment with a dermatologist at 8 AM., thinking first appointment of the day would insure no waiting. Wrong, 9:30 still no Dr., so I explained to the nurse that I was leaving. She said that the Dr. was running late. Really. I explained that I was not paying because I received no services. She assured me I would be billed. I assured her that the bill would be trashed. Never saw a bill.

  2. I worked for a woman who would call the doctor’s receptionist and ask how far behind he was running so she knew when to actually go for her appointment.

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