Worn Out

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Aug 172022

Neither Terry nor I slept well Monday night, both of us waking up repeatedly, her with stomach issues and me with back pain. It’s obvious to me that the RF ablation procedures I had done in June did not do any good this time around, which is a disappointment because they were so successful three years ago. I have tried every kind of pain reliever on the market, including different applications that readers have recommended to me, and some have even sent me different things, but none of them work on raw nerve pain. I’m told that Medicare won’t pay for a repeat for at least 18 months, so I may have to look into something else.

Terry had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville yesterday afternoon, and I was so tired on the drive up there that I was looking forward to arriving just to be able to close my eyes in the waiting room for a few minutes before they called her in. The great thing about Mayo is that we never have to wait very long, and it was like that this time around, too. We barely sat down before they came for her. So much for resting.

This was just a routine check-up on her Interstim implant device, which they have been doing every six months. There have never been any problems with it, and it’s continuing to work for her, so they decided to move the next appointment up until next year. So the long and short of it was that we drove 90 minutes each way for a 25-minute appointment. Oh well, it has to be done.

On the way home, we stopped at Salsas Cocina in Port Orange for an early dinner. This is Terry’s favorite Mexican restaurant in the area, and we both had the delicious shrimp chimichangas. Then when we got back to Edgewater, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up several prescriptions, including four different eye drops Terry has to take for her cataract surgery next week.

The doctor’s office had told us that some of them would not be covered by our insurance, and one could be as much as $1300. But they gave her some coupons to give to the pharmacy that were supposed to bring the price down. It took a while to get it done because they were short-handed and the young lady working there didn’t seem to know a whole lot about what she was doing. But they did finally get it worked out after about an hour, and it was definitely worth the wait because it brought the price for all of the prescriptions down to just $127!

When we got home, our across the street neighbor, Jesse Bolton, was in his carport working on his newest project. Jesse loves working with wood, and I’ve seen him turn out some amazing things from old pallets. Check out this coffee table he’s working on. Jesse told us there is going to be a drawer in it when it’s finished. I told him he might not want to leave it outside overnight because there’s a good possibility it would make its way across the street to my house and not want to leave.

I answered a few e-mails that had to be dealt with and then sat down in my recliner to watch television for a while. I can’t tell you much about what was on because I kept falling asleep, though I did wake up long enough to eat some of Terry’s delicious hot out of the oven peanut butter cookies. It would be rude not to, right? As soon as the news was over, I wrote the blog and headed for bed, hoping for a better night’s sleep.

Thank you to so many people who posted comments on the blog, sent me e-mails and messages, or Facebook comments congratulating me on the release of Pucker Factor and the accomplishment of publishing my 50th book. I’m happy to say that it’s taken off very well, and last night it was #73 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list for mysteries and #8,650 in Amazon’s Kindle Store. When you consider the millions of books on Amazon, that’s quite an accomplishment in just over 24 hours. Thank you, everybody, for your support.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – When life knocks you down, sometimes the best thing to do is stay there and take a nap.

Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Worn Out”

  1. hey –
    Does Miss Terry make homemade bread?
    Have you 2 ever eaten white mountain bread from publix?
    just curious because the white mountain bread reminds me of my grandmother’s home made….
    did you ever get Terry that special something from -you owe her 2 weeks ago?

  2. It might be worth looking into paying yourself for your nerve procedure. The price they charge you may be different then what they charge Medicare. This could be a treat to yourself for your new book.

    I hope you and Terry feel better soon.

  3. You are so lucky the pharmacy even took coupons. For my husband’s diabetes medication he was told since he is on Medicare he cannot use a discount coupon. If he was on private insurance they could take it. Instead of paying $25 per month with the manufacturer’s coupon, is costs $225 per month. It is so unfair.

  4. Nick have you considered a spinal cord stimulator for your back problrms? I had debilitating pain from my sciatica nerve in right leg bein pinched by arthritis. Couldn’t walk without a can and even needing a wheel chair occationakly. Finally decided to get the job done and it has made such a difference. Rarely need the cane any more. Had it done January 2021. Best decision ever!

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