My Eyes Hurt

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Aug 062022

I spent so many hours making corrections to chapters I narrated in my new John Lee Quarrels book the last two days that my eyes hurt. But I got most of the chapters done and gave them to Terry to edit and proofread. Once she was done with that, I made her corrections and then sent them to Judy to go over. I got them back from her late last night. I will make her corrections this morning and send them on to Roberta, proofreader number three.

Somebody said that I had four new books out by this time last year and this will only be my second for 2022, and wanted to know why I was being so slow. I had to laugh because I know authors who work two or three years to get one book out. And while I put out six books in one year when we were staying home so much due to Covid, and normally do four books a year, I won’t apologize for slowing down a bit.

That takes a lot of work and time. We enjoyed taking an extended trip out west this year to see family and promote my books. We may even make a shorter trip before the year ends. I’ll be 70 in a few weeks, and Terry hit that magic number in June. While I love what I do and still have a lot of books I want to write, I want to get some living in, too, while we are still healthy enough to do so.

But I promise to get the next Big Lake book out this fall and maybe even another Tinder Street book by Christmas. If not, it will be out sometime after the holidays.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day – If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

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  1. Yes, certainly do the things you want to do before you get too aged to be able to do them. Upon retiring, Sue and I spent 10 years fishing in Arkansas, which I dearly loved but she didn’t like because of the humidity. Then back here to Arizona for good health care. Now we are both to physically unfit to go anywhere or do the things we would like to do. Definitely enjoy the things you like before it is too late. Had a good life, especially these past 40 years of marriage. I am 83 and she is 74 and we don’t regret much but really should have spent some of those first 10 retirement years going where she wanted instead of just fishing.

  2. Occasionally taking time away from writing helps you do more research and compose your thoughts.
    Be Safe and Enjoy writing at your pace.

    It’s about time.

  3. For some reason, I stopped receiving your blog…sure enjoy it !!

  4. Don’t ever apologize for taking time away from writing your books to enjoy your life and family. I think your readers just love your book characters and their lives that we are anxious to read what happens next. I am really enjoying the extended McNally family in Tinder Street. I think I need to re request the blog to come to my email cause it has stopped lately after many years, Ah technology!! But I know where to find it. 🤪Thank you Nick for all the reading pleasure you give me and others.

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