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May 052022

After a very rough Tuesday night due to my back pain, we were up and out the door early yesterday morning because we had all kinds of things we needed to get done. Our first stop was at Island Doctors for our regular checkups, which we do every few months. Terry and I both had lab work done a week ago, and they had the results and went over them with both of us. Amanda, the nurse practitioner we saw, told us that everything looked fine. Our cholesterol, blood sugar, and all of the other things they check for are in the normal range.

Terry has had some swelling in her right wrist, and it has been painful for quite a while now. The doctor decided she wanted her to get an X-ray of it, so we went to Port Orange Imaging to get that done.

When Spectrum sent us the new modem and router, I was supposed to return the old one by dropping it off at a UPS Store with the pre-printed label included in the package. Since there was one not too far out of the way, we stopped there first, only for them to tell Terry that the label Spectrum Included was for FedEx. Never mind that there was another sticker on the box that said to drop it off at any UPS store, they wouldn’t take it. The Spectrum store was only a couple of blocks from the imaging center, so while Terry was in there, I ran over to drop it off directly to them. However, when I got there, they had moved to a new location about three miles away.

I went back to Port Orange Imaging, and they were just calling Terry back to get the X-rays done. It didn’t take long, and when she came out, we went to the new location for the Spectrum store to drop off the old router. The man at the counter couldn’t understand why we didn’t just drop it off at a UPS Store, and when I explained it to him, he just shook his head and said they get harder to work with every day.

When Terry’s wrist has been acting up like this in the past, our pal Dr. Melony Thomas at Coastal Integrative Healthcare has been able to adjust it and give her some relief. I called and made an appointment for 2:30 for both of us, and then we drove up to their office in Palm Coast. They have several area locations, including one in Edgewater near our home, but Doctor Thomas has been taking care of us ever since we first moved here when she was still at the Edgewater office. So it’s worth it to us to drive up there, even if it is 56 miles away from home. The good news is, since we were already in Port Orange, it was only about 40 miles.

We got there at 1:55 PM, knowing the office closes for lunch from noon until two. No problem, we sat in the van with the air conditioning on and laughed at three different men who all went up to the door, saw the sign saying they would be back at 2, and then tried the nob, only to find it locked. And the thing is, they all did it one after another while they were all standing there together. I guess you really do have to touch the paint yourself to see if it’s wet.

Melony has known me long enough to tell when I’m hurting bad, even if I wasn’t back to using my cane. She put me on the table to see if she could do me some good, but things are just too aggravated back there.

She was able to give Terry some relief on her wrist, and by the time we got back to New Smyrna Beach, the swelling had gone down quite a bit, and it was feeling much better. Island Doctors called to say they already had the X-ray results, and nothing was broken. They thought it was probably just arthritis aggravated by all the work she did on the loom the last few days getting Kenny’s blanket finished.

Stavros Pizza in New Smyrna Beach is a favorite of ours, and every Monday and Wednesday, a large pizza is half price plus $1. We stopped there for dinner, then made a couple of other stops on the way home, including picking up some prescriptions at Walgreens. All in all, a very busy day.

I have an appointment this afternoon with Doctor Creamer’s office in Orlando. He is the doctor that performed my RF nerve ablations in June of 2020. The nerves have obviously regenerated, as I was told would happen because my pain levels are through the roof at times. It was so bad Tuesday that Terry had to help me get dressed in the morning. I don’t know if they can repeat the procedure between now and when we have to leave for Arizona. Our schedule is somewhat flexible, so if they could do it anytime in the next two weeks, we could reshuffle a couple of stops along the way and still make things work.

If they can’t do that, which is entirely possible, I’m hoping they can shoot me up with some cortisone or steroids or something to give me some relief until we can make it happen. Because the way things are right now, I’m not sure I could make a long trip like that and then back home.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day If you lose one of your senses your other senses are enhanced. That’s why people with no sense of humor have such an increased sense of self-importance.

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  1. Terri might rub her wrist with Aspercreme. Tingling in Tommy’s hand is better when he does it several times a day. Any type of arthritis crème could work.

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