Getting A Lot Done

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Apr 082022

We’ve been busy wrapping up things for the new book and getting a lot done. Yesterday, Terry was doing her final proofreading of the finished manuscript and got quite a few chapters finished.

While she was doing that, I contacted the person who formats the print and e-book versions of my books for me to give her a heads up that I would be sending it off to her very shortly. Then I wrote the teaser chapter for the next book in the series, which will be included in the back of this book, sort of a preview of coming attractions. When I was done, Terry also proofread it.

So now the cover is done, and we are in the final stages before the book gets released. Our daughter Tiffany asked if I would be able to release it on her birthday, the 15th of this month, but it’s not going to take that long.

We knocked off about 4:30 because we had a couple of errands to run and decided to get a bite to eat while we were out. We had planned to go to Stavro’s Pizza in New Smyrna Beach, but when we arrived, we found out that they had started closing on Thursdays to give their staff time off to be with their families.

Just a couple of blocks from there is a place called The Taco Shack that we had never eaten at but had heard good things about, so we decided to try it out. They are open for lunch but then close every afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00 PM, and then they reopen until 9:00 or so. We got there about 4:45, and there were already cars pulling in the parking lot and people starting to line up. Yeah, it’s that popular.

You walk up to a window to order, and then they have a small open-sided on three ends covered dining area. Since it was in the low 70s with a nice breeze blowing, we decided to eat there. Terry ordered a shrimp taco with beans and rice, which she said was okay. Nothing spectacular, about what would she expect from a place like that. I had a Cuban sandwich which was good, but it wasn’t like any Cuban I’ve ever had before. It was very heavy on shredded roasted pork, but there was very little ham or cheese. It wasn’t bad at all, just not what I have come to expect in a Cuban sandwich. I don’t know that we would go out of our way to go back again, but if we were with friends who wanted to eat there, we would have no problem doing so.

Our next stop was at Publix to pick up a couple of things. Since we were not sure how long our government-issued microchips were good for, while we were there we got our second Moderna booster shots. No side effects, and we’d didn’t keep each other awake glowing in the dark when we went to bed. Now we’re comfortable knowing that those NASA satellites that the CIA and Homeland Security use will be able to track us anywhere we go.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us. It’s getting close to being that time of year here on the Florida coast, and predictions are for an active hurricane season.

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Thought For The Day If you had to choose between eating tacos every day or being skinny for life, would you choose soft tacos or crunchy tacos?

Nick Russell

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  2 Responses to “Getting A Lot Done”

  1. My wife’s niece, who gives Covid shots at a pharmacy, explained it to one complaining gentleman who was going on about the microchips like this: “Look, each of these little bottles has six doses and six microchips. Now, when I put the syringe into the bottle, I can’t control how many chips I get. Maybe you get your one, maybe two, maybe none… but then again, you could get all six! So, what you have to ask yourself is… do I feel lucky?”

    True story. My wife’s niece used to run a wrecking yard and towing business and doesn’t put up with much! The guy was so stunned that he finally shut up, let her give him the shot, and left without causing her any more grief.

    So, Nick, if there were no drones following you home or random static on your TV and radio, maybe somebody else got YOUR chip. Bummer. Ever since Windows 7, Bill Gates just can’t get anything right!

  2. I love New Smyrna Beach. I love going to Toni and Joe’s on the beach. Also love your column!

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