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Yesterday started with my favorite breakfast, Terry’s absolutely delicious homemade overnight yeasted browned butter waffles. What a treat! I was never a fan of waffles until the first time she made these for me not long after we were married. Of course, before that, my exposure to waffles was Eggos, which is no comparison at all.

After breakfast, I answered a bunch of e-mails, including one from somebody telling me that if I didn’t write more blog posts about our current RVing activities, they weren’t going to read anymore. That would be kind of hard to do since we sold the RV nearly six years ago. I do occasionally repost blogs from those days, but if anybody is looking for new adventures, you’re not going to find them here.

Among the e-mail was this picture of an antique loom that longtime Canadian reader Gloria Patterson-Macdonald sent me because she thought Terry might find it interesting. She certainly did. It’s obviously something that was homemade a long, long time ago by a craftsman because looms are very complicated things. It may look crude, but there’s no question that a lot of thought and work went into it. Thanks for thinking of us, Gloria.

Our friend Jennifer from across the street came to visit for a while in the early afternoon and to talk about 1883, the prequel series to Yellowstone. Jennifer has been eager for us to finish binge-watching the series because she already had and didn’t want to give away the ending. If you haven’t seen it yet, especially the ending, all I can say is wow! But I think I said that about every episode.

After Jennifer left, Terry changed the four air filters in the house, which is something she does the first part of every month. It only takes a few minutes and it goes a long way toward keeping our AC unit operating efficiently

Then we went outside and put the cover on the boat to protect it from rain and the sun’s ultraviolet rays and from bombs dropped by passing birds. Also, to keep the local feral cats and any other critters out of it. It sure sits up higher on the regular pontoon boat trailer than it did the scissor trailer!

There was a rocket launch scheduled from Cape Canaveral, but since it had been very windy earlier in the day, I didn’t really expect it to go up, but sure enough, it did just about the time we were finished with the boat cover. I believe there’s another launch scheduled for later this week.

Once we were done with the boat cover, Terry spent some time pulling weeds from around our Pygmy Date palm tree. Since we haven’t had a whole lot of rain, when she was done with that, I set up some sprinklers to water the perennial peanut plants and the date palm, then ran a hose out to begin watering our three citrus trees on the other side of the house, giving each of them 45 minutes before I switched the hose to the next tree.

And that was pretty much it for the day. I came inside and did some research on something that was bothering me in my new Tinder Street book, confirming that I did have the timeline of events right. About the time I finished that, Terry had a delicious dinner of garlic mashed red potatoes and pork tenderloin ready. We topped it off with an evening watching television before it was time to write the blog and call it a day.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day I started an online dating site for chickens. It’s not my day job, I only do it to help make hens meet.

Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Waffles, Weeds, And Rockets”

  1. You change your air filters every month? You don’t smoke, you don’t have pets, you probably don’t open the windows very much…why so often? We change ours once a year!

  2. So what I’m hearing is that your wife cooked you a nice breakfast and changed the filters and then weeded the trees and made a good dinner while you at on your fat butt playing on the computer all day. Is that right?

  3. P. Lohrman,
    You heard nothing of the sort. Nick and I work together all the time and though we each have different strengths (and weaknesses), we both contribute to our lifestyle.
    He just has the talent of being able to write about our lives and gives me credit for so much, so I get the advantages and the glory, while he gets the smiles and the readership, and occasionally the rude commenter.
    And I can tell what you do with your time…

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