Mar 272022

Have you ever had one of those days when you just should have stayed in bed? Yesterday was one of them for me.

We had planned to go down to Kayaks by Bo in Titusville to look at one of the new Old Town Sportsman fishing kayaks. I had an Amazon return that I needed to drop off at the UPS store there because that was the only option Amazon gave me unless I paid $9.33 for return shipping. And I figured while we were there, I’d stop at Walmart for a couple of things.

Before we left the house, I checked the kayak shop’s website and confirmed that they were open until 4 p.m. We decided to get the other things out of the way first, because if I bought one of the new kayaks, I didn’t want it in the back of the truck unattended while we were in Walmart.

One of the things I wanted was a package of Hanes Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs. It is amazing how many different kinds of men’s skivvies there are on the market, even by the same company. Among other styles, Hanes has regular fit, flex fit, relaxed fit, regular length, extended length, and even some that lift and separate. Don’t ask me what that’s all about because I don’t want to know!

I looked around and couldn’t find what I wanted among the many styles, so I asked a woman working in that department, and she said, “We don’t carry Hanes.” I told her of course they did, I had just looked at all kinds of Hanes, just not the ones I wanted. She looked at me, shook her head, and went to get somebody else. That person had to look a couple of different places, but she finally found what I needed.

The next item on the list was a Penn Rath fishing rod and reel combination. Their sporting goods department had several models of Penn rods and reels, but not the one I wanted, except for one that was missing the upper half of the rod. I looked online, and it said they had 11 in stock, so I found someone who supposedly worked in that department, and guess what he told me? They don’t carry Penn Wrath products. Do you see a pattern here? I told him yes, they did, and I had looked at one, but part of it was missing. He said that must be the only one they had. Then I told him that according to their website, it said that store had 11 of them in stock. I asked if he could check in back, and he said he was too busy and walked away from me. I was not pleased. Before our visit to the Walmart in New Smyrna Beach a few days ago and in Titusville yesterday, we had not been in a Walmart in well over least two years. Now I remember why.

Our next stop was at the UPS Store in the Publix shopping center, where I had to drive through the parking lot two or three times before I could find a place to park. I dropped the Amazon return off, and then we went to Kayaks by Bo. I thought it was strange that there were no cars in the parking lot on a Saturday afternoon, but when we parked and went to the door, we saw a sign that said they had closed early that day, at 2 o’clock instead of the regular 4 p.m. We were there at 2:30. Well, darn it anyway!

I knew they had the Penn Rath rod and reel combinations at the Walmart in New Smyrna Beach, so I decided to go there on the way home even though it was out of our way. I was in the left turn lane to turn onto Garden Street in Titusville when three guys on motorcycles in the lane next to me, the straight lane, decided to turn left right in front of me. I always try to look out for bikers, but sometimes it seems like they should do a little bit of looking themselves.

You would think that would be enough adventure for one day, but you’d be wrong. Just a few blocks later, as we were westbound on Garden Street, someone decided to make a left turn to enter Dixie Crossroads restaurant. The only problem was he was in the right-hand lane of a four-lane road when he decided to do it. My brakes sure got a workout yesterday. And so did my nerves! Maybe that’s why I got one of my severe ice pick headaches later in the evening, something I have not had in several months. I thought those darn things were behind me.

We plan to take the boat out on the water and do some more fishing today, and you can bet I will be wearing a wide-brimmed hat, lots of sunscreen, a long sleeve shirt, and a UV protective buff over my face. And I’ll also have the bimini top up on the boat. Last week’s burn has just started to fade away, and I don’t want to add to it.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day I’m not qualified to be nice to stupid people.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  3 Responses to “Should Have Stayed In Bed”

  1. From noon on Fridays until Monday morning I try to stay-away from the weekend warriors. That’s their time, I’ll stick to the weekdays. Monday’s can be a little dicey though.

  2. I get it. I rarely shop in a retail store. I just love it when I’m looking for something in a store and I ask – it was on there web site and. they say oh we don’t have it here but we can order it or you. Duh I can order it online and have it delivered right to my door. That’s why I do most of my shopping online!

  3. Try Buck Naked from Duluth Trading in Mt. Horeb, WI. So flexible, and the mesh breathable. My husband says they are like sleeping in a hammock!! Boxers and briefs.

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