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Mar 162022

As I’ve said before, when we moved out of our 320 square foot diesel pusher motorhome and into our 1750 square foot house with an attached 1100 square foot garage, Terry and I both wondered what we would do with all of that space. And as I’ve also said before, it didn’t take us very long at all to fill it up. Sometimes I think it’s so crowded in here that I have to go outside just to change my mind.

Terry’s loom room alone is about 300 square feet, almost the size of our entire motorhome. But she’s reached the point where she has to start making some room. A few months ago, she ordered a new Louet Spring II loom. They are made in Sweden, and she received word this week that it’s going to be on its way to her before too much longer.

The problem is, she has two huge Glimakra looms, along with a couple of smaller looms, bookshelves, and her desk in that room, so there’s just no place for the new one to go. She’s finding that the Glimakras are just too big for her needs, so she listed one of them for sale on a weaving equipment website, and I also listed it on the Glimakra looms Facebook page since Terry doesn’t do Facebook.

We got two responses from the Facebook group almost immediately. One was from somebody who is very interested but lives in Minnesota and cannot travel here to get it. Another was from somebody in Skokie, Illinois, wanting to know if we would deliver it and if we would take payments. That would be a no to both questions.

Hopefully, somebody will come along who wants it before her new loom gets delivered. Otherwise, she might set it up in my office, and I will find myself doing my writing in the garage. But what the heck, I’ve got a refrigerator and a urinal out there. What more do I really need?

Speaking of writing, yesterday was a very good writing day for me. Terry had a dentist appointment in the early afternoon, and when she was done with that, she stopped at Publix and did a month’s worth of grocery shopping. While she was gone, I got another 4,000 words done in my new Tinder Street book, including some time spent researching some things about the gangster era during the Great Depression to make sure I had some dates right, and also about the Civilian Conservation Corps, which put thousands of young men to work during the Depression, building dams, restoring forests, and a lot of other public works projects.

My parents were a young married couple during those days, and I remember hearing their stories about how difficult it was when I was growing up. I guess I always thought it was kind of like those stories kids always hear about how their parents had to walk ten miles uphill in the snow barefoot to get to school in the morning, and another ten miles, also uphill, to get home. Now that I’m older and hopefully a little bit wiser, and I’ve done a lot of study on those days, it amazes me how horrific they were. People in our society today who think they are experiencing hard times just don’t have a clue. I’ve gained an entirely new respect for that generation of Americans.

Once Terry was home, and the groceries were put away, we went to Goodrich Seafood for dinner. The place was pretty busy so we had to wait a few minutes for a table, and our poor waitress kept apologizing for taking so long to get things to us. We told her to just relax, it’s all good. The food was delicious, and anytime I get to have dinner with my best girl, I’m a happy little fat man.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day When I get bored, I call in sick to places where I don’t work. Tomorrow I’m getting written up at Walmart for my third unexcused absence.

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  1. Nick/Terry: Small world. I grew up 18 years in Skokie, Illinois. First Chicago, Skokie and then southern California. The woman lost a good opportunity for the loom. Hope all is well. We are in Benson, AZ enjoying the comfortable weather. Take care.

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