Mar 122022

I received a message the other day from my dear friend Donna McNicol, author of both the excellent Klondike and C’Mon Inn mystery series, along with other great books and stories, telling me that she and her handsome husband Stu are getting off of a cruise ship at Port Canaveral this morning and would be coming through our area on their way home. Donna asked if we would be available to get together for lunch, and of course I said yes. Who could pass up a chance to get together with this fun-loving couple? Not us, that’s for sure.

Donna said they thought they would be here sometime around 11 AM, which is about the same time a strong storm system is going to be hitting us with lots of wind and rain. Timing is everything, isn’t it? But that’s all right. If we’ve got to go out in the middle of a storm to see friends like Donna and Stu, we’re happy to do it. It’s been a while since our paths have crossed, and we are long overdue for a visit.

I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished on my new Tinder Street book in the last couple of days, somewhere around 7,000 words written, read through, and corrected. Today I will be printing them out for Terry to start the first round of editing and proofreading. Once I make her corrections and send them off to my other two proofreaders, I’ll be back at it, making more work for them.

Early in my newspaper career, a very successful businessman I knew told me that it was important to set goals, and when I achieved them, to reward myself for my work. I have found this actually works very well and have followed that advice ever since then. That’s how I got my Mustang and my pontoon boat. I told myself that when my sales reached a certain level, I would get one or the other, and when I got there, I did, then moved on to the next goal.

My latest goal is considerably less extravagant. I’ve been reading a lot about virtual reality, which at one time I thought was just for playing games, but actually has many other applications that I find fascinating. So when I reach my next goal, I’m going to buy a VR headset. Right now, I’m looking at the Oculus Quest 2, but I don’t have experience with anything on the market, and I’m doing a lot of research. If anybody has one, or another VR setup, I would be interested in hearing your feedback, both pro and con.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day – Sex after age 50 can be exciting. You never know whether it’s an orgasm, a stroke, or just a cramp.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  7 Responses to “Donna And Big Storms Coming”

  1. I have the Oculus 2 and love it for exercise. Sabre really gets me going in the morning. Think of it as the old Wii only a thousand times better!

  2. You are going to love movies in 3D with an Oculus Nick. And you can travel virtually anywhere and walk down a street in Times Square or Calcutta just like you are really there. It takes travel to a whole new dimension.

  3. I have the 128 mb Oculus 2 and wish I had anted up for the 256 mb model. Once you try virtual fishing you won’t bother going out on your boat again. LOL The flight simulators are great and I like virtual golf.

  4. I thought those VR headsets were just a toy until my grandson got me to try his. I about puked when I was on the roller coaster. But aside from that, there are some good free exercise programs. But what I really like is the travel. You can be in the Smithsonian Museum or the Oregon coast like you are really there. Not to mention TV shows and movies in 3D on Amazon Prime and NetFlix.

  5. Is Donna the gal who was a solo rv’er a few years ago and met a fellow who was also a so!o rv’er and they met and fell in love?

    Karen B.

  6. Yes it is, Karen

  7. I have the oculus and have a regular weekly golf date with my youngest son. ( he’s 30) I’m in Florida and he’s back in Oregon. Great fun and we really look forward to our time together. I’ll admit I haven’t tapped all the things it can do , darn retirement .. im just to busy 😉

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