The $2,500 Pee

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Feb 022022

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed, it’s that the cost of everything from gasoline to food to clothing and furniture are always going up. And apparently that includes basic bodily functions.

As I reported earlier, the La-Z-Boy chair that I purchased a couple of years ago has literally fallen apart on me, and this is not the first time it’s broken. It’s still under extended warranty, and eventually, they will send someone out to repair it, but in the meantime, it’s impossible to sit in it because of the angle of the headrest. I’m just done with the thing and tired of messing with it and arguing with them, so I decided I was going to buy a new chair.

When he read about my constant problems with the La-Z-Boy, long time reader Arley Running sent me an e-mail and said that his wife, who has a lot of health issues, found the Model 510 Golden chair to be perfect for her needs, and after two years of daily use they have not had any issues with it whatsoever. Arley told me that the chairs are expensive, but I don’t mind spending the money on something good that will actually work. I started doing some research and reading reviews and decided that I needed to include that model while I was shopping for a new chair.

I had a doctor’s appointment in Port Orange yesterday, and when I was done with that, I went to a place that sells various models of upper-level recliners to see what they might have. Now, I’m 69 years old and I drink a lot of water, which means that sometimes the old bladder needs some relief right now. When I entered the store the salesman asked how he could help me and I told him that I needed to buy a new chair, but first I really needed to use a bathroom. He told me their bathrooms were for employees only, and I told him I really, really needed it. He repeated that it was for employees only and suggested that I go to a nearby restaurant and then come back. No problem, I went to the restaurant and took care of what I needed to do, but I didn’t bother going back. I figure anybody who’s that rude doesn’t need my business.

I checked some other places online and found Coastal Florida Mobility on Nova Road in Port Orange, and they carry the Golden chairs. As it turned out, by the time I drove across town to where they were, I had to use the bathroom again. Don’t hate me because I’m old. The first thing I said to owner Bruce Farmer was that I needed to use the restroom. He showed me to where it was in the rear of the store and I took care of that. Bruce is a nice guy, and he had exactly the chair I wanted, the Golden Model 510, even in the color I wanted. So $2,500 later, I had a new chair. That’s money I might have spent with the other business if they hadn’t been so rude.

Bruce offered free delivery, something that’s unheard of around here, and I was only home an hour or two before he and his son-in-law arrived and brought the new chair in and set it up. This thing cost about what I paid for the La-Z-Boy but is head and shoulders above that piece of junk. It’s very sturdy, very comfortable, and can be adjusted to any position needed. It will also achieve zero gravity, which is something my chiropractor recommended when we bought our bed, and I’ve found it to be very helpful. Having a zero gravity chair means I can give my back some relief when I need it, even when it’s not bedtime. The chair also has vibration and heat. It’s so nice that I may never get out of it again! Well, except to pee.

Thank you, Bruce, for being a good person and a good businessman, too. If I know anybody needing anything you sell, I’ll sure send them your way.

And finally, before I close, I want to wish my mother-in-law, Bess Weber, a happy 90th birthday. 90 might seem old to a lot of people, but Terry’s mom and dad are both the youngest “old people” I’ve ever known. Bess is a beautiful, active woman who is totally devoted to her family and the people she loves, and I guarantee you that her dad, who turns 92 in just a few days, can outwork a lot of men half his age. Coming from stock like that, maybe that’s why Terry is so amazing!

Thought For The Day I came from a generation where “keep talking” meant you better shut up!

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  8 Responses to “The $2,500 Pee”

  1. Nick, have you ever considered that you body weight exceeded the warranty weight limitations of the Lay Z Boy? It was not built for a hippopotamus! It was amazing that it worked for as long as it did!

  2. Thank you Nick, its amazing to get to this ancient age and still be bright and bushy tailed! LOL

  3. Terry’s Mom looks better than I do, and she’s 15 years older!

  4. Whoever Pilot is he or she is a total sphincter, to be polite.

  5. I’d rather hear from a hippopotamus than an ignoramus any day of the week.

  6. I replied in a blog comment a few days go that we bought a bunch of La-Z-Boy furniture when we bought our house and it’s all junk. Couch seams splitting and both recliners broke more than once I weigh 175 pounds my wife is maybe 105 soaking wet. So stick your smart ass remarks where the sun don’t shine Pilot.

  7. I can see where Miss Terry gets her beauty. She looks a lot like her Mom and hopefully both of you are fortunate enough to be as healthy as her parents at their ages. By the way, my dad will be 93 in May, so I know what a blessing it is to have my parents still with me (Mom is just a kid; she turned 80 last Sunday.)

    I have a chair like you just purchased (not sure of the brand, because friends gave it to me after their mother/grandmother passed and my health began to deteriorate, but it has the same programmable remote shown on the website) and it has been a lifesaver on nights that I wasn’t able to sleep in our bed.

  8. Terry’s mother is such an attractive lady. She doesn’t look 90. Is there some way you can send your blog post to those two stores so that the one store can see what asses they are or the other store can see how great they are.

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