Love Is In The Air

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Feb 182022

Except for the blog, I didn’t get any writing done yesterday. But I did proofread the last three or four chapters I had written in my new Tinder Street book, made some corrections to them, and printed them out for Terry to edit and proofread today. Then I’ll be sending them off to my other two proofreaders for them to do their thing.

As I have said many times, I never really know where the story is going when I sit down and start writing, and quite often, the characters take over and determine what’s going to happen. I was surprised this time around to discover that one of the characters in Tinder Street may be finding romance in the unlikeliest of places. I didn’t see that coming, and it changes the entire trajectory I had planned for this character through the series. But what’s that old saying? Life happens while you’re making plans?

Besides working on the book, I took a break yesterday afternoon so we could run a few errands, including dropping off one of our utility bills because the City of Edgewater’s online bill payment site never works. Either it doesn’t record a payment at all, or a couple of times it has actually recorded a double payment. Guess what happens then? You don’t get the overpayment back. They just give you a credit. The people at the city office acknowledge it is an ongoing problem with their website, but we’ve been here for five years, and they haven’t made any attempts to fix it. Apparently, they don’t think it’s that big of an issue. So now, even though it’s a hassle, we drive down to the office and pay with a check.

When we were done with that, we stopped at John’s Edgewater Gun Shop because I had spotted a nice little Benelli semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun with a short stock that would fit Terry perfectly. We have talked about doing some informal trap shooting and it would be just the right gun for her. We didn’t come home with it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it winds up in the gun safe before too long.

Our next stop was at Publix to pick up some things we needed, including fresh strawberries and cream so Terry could try out her new Cuisinart ICE-100 ice cream and gelato maker. She mixed up the ingredients and made a batch of delicious soft-serve strawberry ice cream last night that was just perfect. And there was enough left over to put in the freezer to harden for more dessert in the next day or two.

When I went to the chiropractor’s the other day, he suggested I get a hard foam roller that I can lay on the floor under me and roll the length of my back to hopefully put that pesky rib back in place, and demonstrated how to use it. It arrived from Amazon yesterday and is the inspiration for the thought for the day below.

Hopefully, I will knock out a couple more chapters today. I’m behind on my writing schedule and really need to catch up. So many book ideas and so little time.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day Advice to old people. Do not sit on the floor unless you have a plan to get back up.

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  6 Responses to “Love Is In The Air”

  1. As Bill Enval would say: Where is the Sign ? !

  2. Ahhh now it shows up
    My Bad

  3. Now you have my curiosity going. Who is falling in love? Samuel, the WWI vet with the scarred mind, or his sister Ruth, who seems like she will just stay on the family farm forever? I’m thinking (hoping) Margaret McNally, the widow. She deserves to find love again. But not with that rude guy who wants to bulldoze his way into her life. Or Abby, the schoolteacher? I see her being a happy spinster and eventually the wise family matriarch. Oh wait, it’s Peter, right? Him and the mysterious woman who rents the apartment above his garage seemed to be headed in that direction but she has so much baggage. Dang it Nick, finish the book! Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Benelli makes excellent shotguns. I have two of them. Miss Terry would be well outfitted with that 20 gauge you wrote about. It would work for skeet or trap, as well as hunting if you do any of that.

  5. No fair! Who’s finding love???? Please don’t tease us like this and not tell.

  6. Yep, putting the hard foam roller together with your thought of the day, got the start to my day off to good laugh.

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