Feb 162022

I spent most of yesterday working on my new Tinder Street book and managed to get in somewhere around 3,500 words, along with doing some more research as I went. I plan to be back at it today and hopefully get a couple more chapters done.

After reading Sunday’s blog, in which I said that this book in the family saga will cover the difficult early years of the Great Depression and that it definitely deserves the title of The Hard Years, someone wrote and said she hoped it wasn’t going to be a book full of doom and gloom because she doesn’t like stories like that, she likes happy stories. I’m sorry, but there’s a reason why that period in our history was called the Great Depression, not the Great Party. A lot of people suffered during those dark days, and the book will reflect that. But don’t worry, there’ll be some good things in it, too. It seems that folks have always been able to overcome adversity, and I’m sure the good people on Tinder Street will, too.

We first met our friend Dr. Melony Thomas at the Coastal Integrative Healthcare office here in Edgewater several years ago, and Terry and I both took an instant liking to her. She’s the best chiropractor I’ve ever dealt with, and we have been with her so long that it’s gotten to the point that we don’t even have to tell her where we’re hurting when we go in. She can look at us and know.

When the practice transferred Melony to their new office in Palm Coast, about 45 minutes north of us, we would drive up there when we needed an adjustment or stop when going to or coming from one of Terry’s appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, since her office is right off of Interstate 95.

But I have to admit that I have been unfaithful to Melony. For as long as I can remember, I have had a floating rib on the left side that tends to pop out of place quite often, and I have gone up and had Melony adjust it for me several times. Unfortunately, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks later, the darn thing goes out again.

It did that a few days ago, and while the pain is not too bad while I’m sitting up or walking, as soon as I lie down in bed at night, it becomes excruciating and I can’t find a position that’s comfortable. I didn’t have time to drive up to Palm Coast yesterday, so during the afternoon, I went to the office in Edgewater and had a very nice young man there adjust me. He’s not Melony, but he seemed to get the job done. Hopefully, things will stay together until our next trip to Mayo, when we’ll stop and see Melony on the way home. That is if she’ll still have me after my philandering ways.

When I left the chiropractor’s office, I went to our accountant’s to drop off our paperwork so she could start working on our income taxes for last year. Since COVID kept us from traveling like we normally do for research on my books, and because my royalties last year were significantly higher than the year before, I expect we’re going to have to give Uncle Sam a lot of money by the time it’s all said and done.

Back at home, I got a little more writing done, then enjoyed an absolutely delicious dinner of scallop linguini that Terry had put together. Tell me again, why do I ever go to a restaurant when I have the best cook in the world right here at home? Oh, that’s right, because she needs a break now and then, too.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day Don’t break someone’s heart, they only have one. Break their bones, they have 206 of them.

Nick Russell

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  1. How is your new computer working out?

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