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Nov 202021

It won’t be long now, it’s almost time. Before you know it people will be climbing over each other to get into stores to get the best deals for their holiday gift shopping. Let the insanity begin! Of course, these days it seems like retailers are pushing Christmas before the last echoes of the Independence Day fireworks have died down.

If I had to count all of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving would be near the bottom of the list. A bunch of people all get together and stuff themselves with food that the women spend hours cooking, everybody eats in thirty minutes or less, and then the men go watch a ball game or sleep on the couch while the women clean everything up. That hardly seems fair! Besides, I’m not a huge fan of turkey, and I don’t care for dressing or cranberries or most of the other things people traditionally eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Add in the fact I don’t like watching sports on TV, and I drool when I nap, so I don’t want to wake up with everybody watching me do that, and I’d much prefer to go to a Chinese buffet.

Everybody has their holiday traditions, and one of mine is to try to avoid every big box store on the planet from Thanksgiving Day until sometime in mid-January, staying as far from the maddening crowd as I can. We haven’t been in a Walmart in two years now and I’m in no hurry to rush back. For the most part, I prefer to buy locally from smaller businesses if I can, or if I need to send something to my kids or grandkids, there’s always Amazon. The mega online retailer has made it possible for me to live a very good life selling my books, and I don’t hesitate to send some of that money right back to them every month. So don’t expect to see me cruising through parking lots looking for an empty space anytime soon. Yeah, I know, bah humbug!

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, and the beginning of the holiday rush to max out everyone’s credit cards, now would be a great time for you to read my book Black Friday, the story of an everyday man living an everyday life until he goes shopping on Black Friday and meets a mysterious woman. Suddenly he finds his world turned upside down. Accused of murder, his family and friends turn against him, he loses his job, and it looks like he’s headed for death row. It’s enough to make me stay home and shop online come Black Friday! Check it out on Amazon, available in both print and e-book, or read it for free with your Kindle Unlimited membership.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day – I’m really getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. I’ve given the bird to at least a dozen people in the last couple of days.

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