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Nov 282021

As some of you know, back in late May or early June, I put in an order for a new Ram Laramie pickup. I was promised it would be here months ago, but it’s still on order at the factory waiting for parts, even though dealers are getting lots of 2022 models in. The hangup seems to be the V-6 engine. Apparently, they won’t even start making trucks with them until sometime early next year. So I decided to go to Plan B and put in a search through the Ram dealer network for any truck that met some basic criteria of mine.

I specified that I want a new 2022 two-wheel drive truck, not a four-wheel drive, and I want the upgraded Laramie model, not one of the lower trim packages. Since I could not get a V-6, I said I wanted a gas-powered V-8 Hemi, not a diesel, that I wanted the multifunction (split) tailgate, and I wanted either the Firecracker Red or Billet Silver exterior color. I specified in the search that those were the options I would not compromise on, and that I did not want to be bothered with calls from anybody who did not have what I wanted or anyone offering to order it for me, since I’ve played that game before.

Then a couple of weeks ago I found a listing for pretty much the exact truck I wanted, in the Billet Silver, with the Hemi and all the other options I want. The online listing said the truck was in transit to a dealer about 80 miles away, so I called and talked to someone there, who said it should arrive any day. After a few days, I talked to him again, and he told me that it was at the port in Jacksonville, waiting to be loaded onto a  transport truck to be brought to their dealership.

He and I stayed in contact, and when the truck still didn’t come, he called to find out what the hang-up was, and it turned out it had a flat tire. That shouldn’t be any real problem, right? Wrong! Apparently, it had to be a mechanic from a union shop or who had some kind of certification who came out and changed the tire, and they couldn’t find one. Then, when they finally did, the part of the port we are dealing with was closed for the four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. So who knows when they’ll get around to delivering it? I told the gentlemen at the dealership that I want it and we’ve agreed on a price, so it’s just a case of getting it in and going there and signing the paperwork and picking it up.

Meanwhile, the other day I got a call from a salesman at a dealership in Tampa who saw my search online asking if I was still in the market for a Ram. I told him I had already located one and was waiting for it to get delivered to the dealer, and he basically said stop the presses, there was no need to wait because he had exactly what I wanted. A 2021 Ram Bighorn (a lesser grade trim package than a Laramie). I asked if he had read my listing, and he said yes, he did, he had it right in front of him. Then went on to tell me that the four-wheel drive truck he has on his lot is blue, has a diesel engine, and admitted that, no, it does not have the multifunction tailgate. So it’s the wrong year, the wrong trim package, the wrong engine, the wrong drivetrain, the wrong color, and the wrong tailgate? I get it. It’s a truck.

I told him not to waste my time calling me again since he was too dense to even understand that when someone specifies these are the things they want and will not compromise on, I had no time to waste with him. His response was that sometimes you have to bend a little bit. Have you seen me? Is this the body of a man that can bend even a little bit? But I did. I pushed the disconnect button and bent over and set my phone down on the desk.

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Thought For The Day – Why look for conspiracy when stupidity can explain so much?

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  1. I once had a car salesman that didn’t put in my order for a vehicle then tried to tell me it came in early. His description did not match my order. When he said it was too late to order it in time for Dave’s return from Viet Nam I went above his head and he was fired. Some people just don’t get it. BTW, the right vehicle came in only three days late while we were still home on leave.

  2. When we were first looking for an rv we walked onto a lot and the salesman said what are you looking for? Said that i didn’t know but that i didn’t want what everybody else had. He said over here we have a Bounder, it is the most popular motorhome……I thought to myself, didn’t you hear what i just said? Walked off the lot and later found my first MCI converted bus.

  3. That’s the trouble with cell phones — you can’t slam the receiver down!

  4. It sounds a little fishy 🤡 CSX moves 5 million cars a year and you get the only one D model with a flat tire. ? And it takes a union 🥷 specialist to change the tire
    ………. Run Russell run

  5. Why do you only have to look at Florida browse the listings so what’s the big deal if you have to fly and drive to get what you’re really looking for
    There is over 2000 listings for the Laramie with a v6 engine, and colors

  6. Yes, Ed, lots of trucks but not with the combination of options I want. The V-6s out now are diesel not gas. They are not building special order gas-powered V-6s until February according to the factory rep I spoke to. This ain’t my first rodeo. I worked in the car business at one time and know the games and how to avoid them.

  7. I feel your pain…we went car shopping yesterday only to find out that the dealers are tacking on thousands of dollars to the MSRP and have virtually nothing in stock. Cured me of wanting a new car right now. No way I’m paying more than the MSRP for any vehicle.

  8. Kathleen, that’s right. I have seen trucks for $10K over MSRP. The dealer I am talking to is straight MSRP, no games.

  9. Don’t know where you are Kathleen, but all of the car dealers in Yuma Az. have full lots.

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