We Got Boosted!

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Sep 262021

We had appointments yesterday in DeLand at 11 AM to get our Covid-19 booster shots. We got there about 25 minutes early and decided to go inside and see if they wanted us to wait inside or in the car. Instead, they handed us paperwork when we came in, and within a few minutes, we had our shots and were out the door. Our original vaccinations were with Moderna, and that is what they gave us this time around. I was surprised because it was my understanding that it hasn’t been approved yet, but there were as many people getting the Moderna booster as there were Pfizer.

As I said in yesterday’s blog, our side effects from the first two vaccinations back in late January and early February were minimal. So far, some achiness in our arms around the injection site and some minor bruising Terry has around hers is about all we have noticed.

DeLand is a nice small town and home to Stetson University, as well as some nice antique shops, and once we were done at the doctor’s office, we went to one of our favorites, the Marketplace at Rivertown antique mall. They have three floors of goodies there, and we usually find something we can’t live without. This time around it was this print of an antique camera. Since I’ve always been into photography forever and have a couple of old Speed Graphic press cameras in my office, Terry thought it would look good there, too. It came home with us, and she was right!

Many of the buildings in DeLand have murals on them, and this was one that I liked, so I took a picture to share with you.

There was some kind of a crafts festival going on and they had one of the downtown streets blocked off for it, but there were just too many people for us to want to mingle that closely with, so we decided to pass up on that even though we normally enjoy browsing through festivals and flea markets and such.

Back at home, I spent quite a bit of time answering e-mails, then checking in on Amazon to see how my new John Lee Quarrels book, Ka-Bar Karma, was doing. Quite well, as it turns out.  It was ranked at 8,563 in the Kindle store for all of Amazon. Considering the millions of e-books they carry, to reach that number in less than 24 hours is pretty darn good if you ask me. The early feedback I’m getting from readers is that they are enjoying the story, which always makes me feel good and like my time was well spent.

Sometime in the afternoon, I really got tired, but I think that was more the result of getting to bed late the night before and getting up early in the morning than it was from the vaccination. So I plopped myself down in my recliner, and just about the time I closed my eyes, my granddaughter Destiny started texting me from Arizona, where they were having a classic car show. Destiny loves old pickup trucks, and she sent me some pictures of some, but somewhere along the line, I fell asleep as I was replying to her. Later on I told her mom, Tiffany, that I was going to send her this picture of my old 1958 Chevy truck that won some trophies in car shows but fell asleep before I could do it. Tiffany told me not to feel bad because Destiny fell asleep, too! You can tell she’s my granddaughter, can’t you?

When I was a kid and went to the doctor and got a shot, I always got a little gold star sticker or a lollipop, but I guess I’m too old for that now. So instead, Terry made a delicious chocolate Texas sheet cake with pecans. That beats the hell out of a sticker or a lollipop!

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Thought For The Day – You can’t fix stupid. But you don’t have to invite it to dinner.

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  1. Got my copy of KA-Bar yesterday and plan to start it today. The sheet cake reminds me of my mother who made them all the time for us. Still my favorite.

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