Sep 272021

Usually, when I post a blog, I tell you about what I did the previous day, whether it be working on a new book, or out running errands, or goofing off at the beach with Miss Terry. I wish I could tell you something like that, but the truth is, yesterday I did nothing. Absolutely nothing!

I didn’t have any aftereffects from our COVID-19 booster except for the expected sore arm, but Terry woke up sometime in the wee hours of the morning with chills and could not get warm. I had that experience about 36 hours after my first COVID shot, back in January, but so far, so good. By last night our arms weren’t quite as sore, but we were still aware of them.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I started the day by answering a few e-mails, and then I was going to start making some notes for my next book. But I still have not made up my mind if it’s going to be another Big Lake book or the 4th book in the Tinder Street series, and I didn’t feel motivated enough to make that decision.

Sometimes when I want a little break, I will work on an online jigsaw puzzle, so I thought about doing that. But after opening the program and looking at a puzzle for a few minutes, and moving a couple of pieces around, I just wasn’t feeling it. So much for that idea.

I logged on to Facebook a couple of times but didn’t feel like getting involved in any long discussions about politics or writing or anything else, so I decided I would just take a day off from my computer. I plopped myself down in my recliner and channel surfed for a while but couldn’t find anything that got my attention enough to watch it.

Sometime in the afternoon, my buddy Jesse Bolton from across the street stopped over to visit for a few minutes, telling me about taking his boat out for a test ride on the river. It’s been a while since the boat has been in the water, and Jesse had to do a bit of work to get it seaworthy, but he came back very satisfied with the results.

Nothing keeps Miss Terry from working her magic in the kitchen, and for dinner, she made a delicious shepherd’s pie. I would tell you how good it was, but then some of you would probably show up on my doorstep wanting some of the leftovers, and I’m not much for sharing.

After dinner, we watched TV for a while, and then it was bedtime. So that was my day. Basically, all I did was take up space on earth and breath up oxygen that somebody much more productive than me probably needed.

I won’t get much done today either because Terry has an appointment at Kutryb Eye Institute down in Titusville. When she’s done with that, we’re going to run a couple of errands down there and then have an early dinner at Dixie Crossroads before we head back home.
Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll get my butt in gear and actually accomplish something worthwhile, but I’m not making any promises

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day, a two-story outhouse from longtime reader Jim Harper.

Congratulations Helene Peterson, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Big Lake Lynching, the second book in my Big Lake mystery series. We had 35 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon. Note: Due to the high shipping cost of printed books and Amazon restrictions on e-books to foreign countries, only entries with US addresses and e-mail addresses are allowed.  Note: Due to the high shipping cost of printed books and Amazon restrictions on e-books to foreign countries, only entries with US addresses and e-mail addresses are allowed.

Thought For The Day – If you hear me telling the same story twice, just let it go. I only have like six memories, and they all take turns.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  7 Responses to “Nothing. I Did Nothing!”

  1. Have you ever thought about doing a crossover book with your Arizona and Florida law enforcement people? It hit me tonight that something along the lines of the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case might be an interesting way to use both law enforcement agencies in one book or half the story in one and continued in the other.

    Just a thought and not trying to tell you what to write, because I am a fan of all of your fiction.

  2. Glad you relaxed a bit. I don’t know why I never considered looking for online jigsaw puzzles, Nick, but you’ve just revolutionized my life. I left off on the sentence where you mentioned it and did one in 75 minutes that was really great.

  3. You described an extremely productive self care day, which is something I think we all need. Good for you!

  4. If you’re looking for ways to kill time on a computer, here is a list of the ways I have found:
    shanghai mahjong – you have to download the game to your computer but it’s free.
    sudoku daily – also a free download.
    Thomas Warfield’s Pretty Good Solitaire – a $24 download, last time I checked, with 120 different solitaire games. It takes me over an hour to play my favorite 24 games.
    And this particular comic:, about a school janitor.

    Between email, facebook, and this list, I am on my laptop 7-8 hours a day!

    I have more on my ipad, if you’re interested.

  5. Ruben, I use You can choose from easy or hard games, chose subjects, and more. You can even upload your own pictures and it makes them into puzzles. I did one with the cover of my first Tinder Street book

  6. Susan, now I will never get any work done! 🙂

  7. Barbara, I have toyed with the idea. Maybe one of these days I’ll try it and see what happens.

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