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We had to go to Port Orange Imaging yesterday morning to get a CT done of my brain and facial bones. They said they were looking for a source of the head pain I’ve been having, but I think they just wanted to know if there really was a brain in there. I wasn’t too sure either, so I was curious to see what they would find out.

I got signed in, and they immediately took me back and explained the procedure, saying that first they would do a CT scan without contrast, and then another one with contrast, which means they inject dye into you, as I understand it. The technician told me that the first step would be inserting an IV line into me for the contrast, which would actually be injected during the procedure.

It has always been easy to get blood out of my left arm but more difficult out of the right because of scar tissue from an old wound there. So the tech started on the left and was able to get into the vein with a needle easily, but when she tried feeding in the catheter, it would not go. She poked and prodded for a while, all the time apologizing for hurting me. We finally decided that since that wasn’t working, it might be worth trying the right arm, and surprise, that worked the first time.

They did the procedure without the contrast first, then injected the contrast, telling me that I might feel a warm flush from head to toe, as well a metallic taste in my mouth. As it turned out, neither happened and before long, they were all done and sending me out the door.

On the way home, we stopped at Lindley’s Nursery to pick up some potting soil and to order a Pygmy Date palm tree that will be delivered and planted in a couple of weeks. Then we went to Big Joe’s Subs in New Smyrna Beach for lunch. It was delicious, and the portions are amazing. The first time we were there, I made the mistake of ordering a large sandwich and could not finish it. This time around, I went with a medium, and it was still an awful lot to get down.

Back at home, we ran into some frustration. I still have one account with GoDaddy that handles our e-mail. But as of September 1st they switched us to Microsoft 365 Mail and said it would be an easy and smooth transition. Yeah, right. We knew that wasn’t going to happen, didn’t we?

I had to download Outlook first, then had to call Go Daddy twice before I could get it to allow me to sign in. That was on my desktop computer. It didn’t work at all on my phone, which required another call to Go Daddy and more time on hold. We finally got that all resolved, and I thought all was well with the world. But it turned out I was wrong.

Terry couldn’t get her e-mail to work on her phone, and even though she already has a Microsoft Office 365 account, it wouldn’t recognize her password. She tried to change her password, but she had to use her old password to do it, which it would not recognize. So I’ll spend some time on the telephone with tech support today and see what I can come up with.

I know just enough to get on the computer and do my job, but not a whole lot more, and I’ve never had the time to invest in learning all kinds of new programs that are going to change and be obsolete next week or next month anyhow. I don’t know why the techno dweebs can’t just leave things alone instead of always coming up with something that is supposedly new and improved but really isn’t. I think it’s just so they can justify their jobs

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes, the people you wanted to be an ongoing part of your story are only meant to be a chapter.

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