I Asked For Lemonade

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Sep 182021

Yesterday was one of those days when I probably should have just stayed in bed. But like a fool, I got up and tested fate. That’s never a good idea, is it?

The day started with a series of phone calls about a referral for an appointment that I was supposed to have to see a neurologist about my continuing head pain. There was some kind of miscommunication, so a different doctor called me than the one I was expecting, and I told them that I had already called and made an appointment with somebody else because I never heard back on the referral and didn’t know who I was supposed to see. It took a few phone calls back and forth with my primary care provider to find out they had sent the referral to the doctor’s office that called me, not the one they said they were going to. So I have to make some more calls Monday morning to get that sorted out.

Later on, we had an appointment for something else up in Palm Coast, which is about a 45-minute drive, sometimes a little more depending on traffic. We made good time arriving at our destination, but before I could even shut the engine off on the Pacifica I got a phone call saying, please don’t come in because someone there had just tested positive for COVID. Well, that sucks! Hopefully, everything will be okay for them.

On the way back, we stopped at a couple of places in Daytona Beach to run some errands and then decided to go to Red Robin for an early dinner. We were seated quickly and soon got our orders, and everything was going fine. After a while, the waitress came by and asked if I wanted a refill on my lemonade, and I said sure. A few moments later, another employee came up with a tray with my lemonade and several glasses of soda on it. She sat the lemonade on the table in front of me and promptly spilled the sodas all over me. The poor girl was mortified and kept apologizing, but I told her it was no problem. I’m usually the one that does the spilling.

Back at home, we spent some time answering e-mails and then settled in to watch three more episodes of Jamestown. We’re almost through the first season and really enjoying it so far.

Later on, our daughter Tiffany sent us a couple of videos and pictures of granddaughter Hailey and her horse, Six. They’ve been training to do some barrel racing, and the first couple of times weren’t all that smooth. But this time around, it looks like they’re getting it down to a science and we were both impressed. Terry did some barrel racing in her younger days, and she knows what to look for. She thinks Hailey and Six are doing just fine and will only continue to get better as they work together.

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Thought For The Day – If you have been fortunate in life, build a longer table, not a higher fence.


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  1. Lol- ” I’m usually the one doing the spilling” Your a good egg Nick.

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