A Day Spent Running

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Aug 042021

With the first rounds of editing and proofreading done, Terry finished her read-through of the manuscript of Big Lake Shootout, and after I made her corrections I sent it off to Roberta to do one final read-through. As soon as I get it back from her I will format and upload the e-book version to Amazon and let you know as soon as it goes live. Then it will take another week or two for the print version to be ready.

While waiting for that to get done we spent yesterday running around taking care of several things. Our first stop was at Daytona Nut and Bolt to get a bunch of wingnuts to secure our hurricane panels. We also needed neoprene washers to go behind the wingnuts but they didn’t have any in stock so we have to get those someplace else.

From there we went to Lowe’s in Daytona Beach, where I returned some items and completely forgot about looking for the washers for the hurricane shutters. Nobody ever accused me of being smart.

Then we drove to Palm Coast to have Doctor Melony Thomas at Coastal Integrative Healthcare give us chiropractic adjustments. Melony used to work at their office in Edgewater before they put her in charge of the new office in Palm Coast. Even though
the Edgewater location is just down the road from us and Palm Coast is 40 miles away, she’s been working on us long enough that she knows exactly what our bodies need when we go in and it’s worth the trip. Not to mention the fact that Melony is a friend and it’s always fun to go see a friend.

The last time we were on that stretch of Interstate 95, heading home from Mayo in Jacksonville a few weeks ago, we ran into heavy rain. And sure enough, the same thing happened this time around. By the time we got to Daytona Beach, people were driving at 45 and 50 miles an hour and visibility was down to almost nothing. We got over in the far right lane and let the kamikazes zip along at 80 miles an hour without a brain in their head or a care in the world.

Gasoline at the Circle K in Edgewater was $2.99 a gallon when we left town so we waited and stopped at the Buc-ee’s in Daytona Beach, where it was 17¢ a gallon cheaper. If you’ve never been to a Buckee’s before, the next time you’re in Texas, Alabama, or Florida, make it a point to visit one of these huge travel stops. They are amazing.

Over the years we have accumulated a bunch of DVDs, and both televisions we had in our motorhome had DVD players built into them, but neither of the ones we have at the house do. I had a $25 credit coming from Best Buy so I decided to stop and pick up a cheap DVD player. Using the credit it was only another $13 out the door, which included tax. I don’t know how much we will use it, but who knows, we may decide to watch a DVD someday. We’ve actually got several that we never did get around to viewing.

Since Best Buy is just a mile or so from Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, one of the best Chinese buffets in the country, we stopped there for an early dinner. It wasn’t very crowded yet, and the food was all fresh and delicious. The only bad thing about our meal was the woman sitting in the booth next to our table who spent the whole thing loudly reading QAnon and far right-wing news reports on her phone to her dinner companion. It’s one thing to be a conservative, I’m Conservative in some things and Liberal in others, but this lady was a whackadoodle who is convinced that every crazy conspiracy out there is the gospel. She read (again, loud enough to share with those sitting nearby) that Donald Trump won the election fair and square and will be retaking the White House on August 15th, that the Dominion voting machines were rigged, that the insurrectionists at the Capitol were really actors paid by the Democrats,  that President Biden is giving illegal aliens who test positive for COVID $1,000 each and immediate U.S. citizenship to help spread it among the population, that COVID is a hoax that doesn’t exist and was made up by the far left (is this the same COVID Biden is paying people to come in from Mexico and spread), that when they give you the COVID vaccine, they implant tracking microchips in you, as well as something that makes you sterile, gives you shingles, and gives you cancer of the brain. I felt like telling the lady she didn’t have to worry about cancer of the brain because she doesn’t have one, but it’s a waste of time having a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Killing someone with kindness always takes way longer than planned.

Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “A Day Spent Running”

  1. Several Buc-ee’s in Georgia, and we saw one being built in SC on I-95.

  2. Good morning
    I love starting my day reading your post, thank you so much. 😀
    I’m 75, lost my husband 5 years ago, reading your books has helped me
    so much, enjoyed everyone.

    Love 💕 Betty

  3. I am so happy to hear that my books have helped you, Betty.

  4. I have had to make a total break from my sister and her husband who I love dearly because they sit and spout that same nonsense nonstop. I asked them over and over again to not push that insanity on me but that’s all they want to talk about. The final straw for me and other family members was at my brother’s funeral (a COVID victim) when they started saying it was all a hoax. At the funeral!!! I’m done with them and it breaks my heart but they are too far gone to ever make a comeback.

  5. Did they actually have a buffet where you could dish up your own food like before Covid days? No such thing here in Vermont.

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