Keeping Jesse Busy

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Jul 252021

Jesse Bolton, our neighbor from across the street, has been busy helping us with some home improvement projects whenever he has time away from his regular job as a heavy equipment operator. Jesse is one of those guys who can do anything, and I do mean anything.

When we replaced our original microwave with a low-profile unit (which Jesse installed), it left a bare area on the wall between the old thin-set brick veneer and the top of the new microwave. We only needed to fill an area 6 inches by 30 inches, and the brick comes in boxes that cover 8 square feet for somewhere around $80. So instead, Terry got some nice tile squares that would fill the area perfectly, and Jesse set them in place the other day.

Now he’s busy on a new project, and it’s a big one, installing corrugated clear polycarbonate hurricane panels on all of our windows.

The first step was removing the decorative wooden shutters on either side of the windows, then mounting wood strips above and below the windows that screwed into the studs that hold them in place. Then Jesse mounted special channels above and below each window and installed the polycarbonate panels.

The final step was reattaching the decorative wooden shutters. We think they look great and will give us some added protection during hurricane season, while still allowing us to see out the windows when we want to.

The panels are easy to install and remove. They slide into the top channel, and are a snug fit (top picture), and are held in place with stainless steel wing nuts attached to studs on the lower channel (bottom picture).

We will probably take them off and store them in the garage unless a storm is coming because though they are resistant to UV light, I’m sure over time it could cause some deterioration, and we want to prolong their life as much as possible.

The first window took the longest because Jesse had to pull off some of the siding to see what was under it and where the studs were and to make sure everything was going to fit. He tells me that now that that’s done, the others should be quicker and easier, and he will do a window or two in the evenings after work, time and weather allowing.

To show our gratitude for all that he does for us, yesterday evening we took Jesse and his beautiful lady Jennifer down to Dixie Crossroads in Titusville for a seafood dinner. They had never been there before, and I think they were impressed. We’ve never had a bad meal there.

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Thought For The Day – A writer is someone who forces what’s living in their head to pay rent.

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  1. We have those same panels on our place in Port Charlotte and love them. In a bad storm three years ago a neighbors metal trashcan lid slammed into our big picture window. Not a scratch on the panels but it dented the lid. If you don’t have them already, I would recommend rubber washers on the studs under the wing nuts.

  2. As Nancy recommended using Rubber Washers for a firmer fit as well as Fender Washers for wider coverage to spread the pressure points on the panels.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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