The Florida Desert

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Jun 142021

I spent many years living in the desert in Arizona, and while it may look stark and ugly to some people, it has its own beauty. But that being said, I’m really not a desert person. I much prefer the mountains of Arizona’s Mogollon Rim, where we lived before we became fulltime RVers, or anywhere near the ocean. So it is a little disappointing at times to realize that even though I live in Florida, I live in a desert.

What, you didn’t know Florida has a desert? Neither did I until we moved here. People tell me that Florida is subtropical, but our area here on the Central Coast has a narrow slice of land that seems to get much less rain than anywhere else in the state. And wouldn’t you know it? We live right smack dab in that small area.

As I have said before, it can be raining hard two miles north or south of us, and all we get is cloudy skies and a few isolated raindrops. Even when we do get rain, it’s usually not nearly as much as other areas a short distance away. Many times we watch storms making their way across the state or rolling in from the ocean, and it looks like we’re going to get hit hard, but at the last minute they split, going north and south of us and leaving us high and dry. Well, low and dry, actually, since we’re at about sea level.

Like much of the country, the entire state has been in a drought, and our rainfall levels are considerably lower than they should be. Even though we have our lawn sprinklers timed to come on every other night for half an hour, the grass is starting to turn brown and our citrus trees are not liking what’s happening.

We did have a big storm come in yesterday and we got some rain during the afternoon while I was working on my new Big Lake book, but not nearly enough. If you look at this screenshot of the weather map, we are the blue dot.

As you can see, there was a lot of action going on just north of us as the storm moved eastward and out to sea, but it was also moving north at the same time, giving us just enough rain to tease us, but that’s about it. The weatherman says we’re going to get more overnight and again today, but I’m not holding my breath. When you live in the Florida desert, you learn to be skeptical about what that guy says.

At least the rain we did get dropped the temperature for a while, from up in the mid-80s down to the mid-70s. Even with the humidity at 88%, I wasn’t complaining about that.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – The worst part about being arrested by a motorcycle cop is having to hug him from behind all the way back to the police station.

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  5 Responses to “The Florida Desert”

  1. As I see on the weather map you are on the South side of I-4. Weather patterns follow I-4 the corridor, and even the weather men mention North of I-4 or South of it.
    We live a lot further South of I-4 and we laugh at the weather on the North side of it.
    A lot cooler and wetter on the North side.

  2. We live in a similar spot on the west side of the state. It has remained very dry here despite rain all around us. I have to go out and water regularly as everything around us is brown. We are just outside Zephyrhills.

  3. Nick, were you in Sebring, Florida yesterday? I saw someone in our favorite diner who looked like you, and that restaurant has the sign your blog showed today “men to the left, women are always right”. I wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure it was you.

  4. No, Norma, it must have been some other incredibly handsome devil. I was home all day.

  5. Very happy to hear there is a new Big Lake book coming!! I find it hard to read other books after yours. Your characters and description s are unequaled
    I just finished RE-reading every one of the Big Lake books and can’t wait for another one.

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