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Jun 062021

Our son Travis and his wife Geli arrived on the 26th from Alabama, and two days later our daughter Tiffany flew in from Arizona, so we have been having lots of fun. When you get this crowd together, how can you not have lots of fun?

In a blog post last week titled The Gang’s All Here, I showed how Travis greeted his sister when she arrived at the airport in Daytona Beach dressed as a dinosaur. And the laughs continued. When Travis and Tiffany were kids, they literally fought like cats and dogs at times, but as adults they are very close, which makes my heart happy.

Travis and Geli have it in their heads that Terry and I are old and need taken care of. We keep telling them that’s not true, but at the same time I’m a big enough hypocrite to let them do some work around the place since they insisted.

When we had a hurricane warning about three years ago, we filled some large, heavy-duty lawn trash bags with sand to put in front of the garage door and my office door in case of flooding. We never needed them, and they’ve been sitting in the garage ever since. Partly because we may need them someday, and partly because they were too darned heavy to move!

Terry ordered some regular-size (smaller) sandbags from Amazon, but we never got around to filling them, so Travis and Geli also did that while they were here and then stacked them neatly along the garage wall.

We have also been wanting to get rid of the banana palm trees alongside the driveway. They produce small bananas, but nothing we’ve ever been able to eat, and the leaves are always turning brown and nasty-looking. So Travis and Geli took that job on next, pulling them out and stacking them for the trash guys to come by and take away. Thanks, kids, I really appreciate it. It looks a lot better out there.

I figured that anybody doing all of that work deserves some playtime, too, so we went out to the beach one day. They both love it out there and had a nice time walking along the sand at the water’s edge.

When I saw Travis gazing off at something, I immediately thought, squirrel!!! and had to take this picture. The boy has a short attention span.

I have mentioned before that Travis is an amazing photographer with an eye for detail that most people will never see. He, Geli, and Tiffany got up early and went to the beach a few times and he came back with some pictures that I really love.

Speaking of pictures and love, here’s a family picture full of love.

And I cherish this one of Terry and me. We’ve been together almost 24 years now, and I love her more every day.

Travis and Geli had to leave to go back home, but Tiffany will be here a few more days. I’ll have more to tell you about our time with her in another blog post. That is if we can ever get her to go home. She says Terry is spoiling her with so much delicious food that she may never leave! You’d think Terry would have learned by now. She fed me once and I’m still here all these years later.

Thought For The Day – If really good looking people are “Eye Candy,” I guess I’m in the “Eye Broccoli” category.

Nick Russell

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  1. I enjoy your posts. You have a beautiful family. Family is so important.

  2. I’ve had good luck with these light-weight sand bag substitutes. They’re filled with water absorbent gel that expands when it gets wet and shrinks when it drys. So they’re reusable–although it takes them days to dry out.

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  3. So glad you had such good times with your kids Nick. I totally agree…those pictures Travis took are amazing. Cherish those moments y’all spent together ❤️❤️

  4. What fun to have your family visit and create wonderful memories. Did Travis and Geli do any househunting while they were there? Enjoy the rest of Tiffany’s visit.

  5. Looks like a wonderful visit! So glad you were able to all get together. Love all the photos!

  6. I’d love the pics of the shells and boat poster size. Love them!

  7. Great pictures. The sunrise is awesome, but the shells and the little boat. Only an artist would see them. Want, want, want

  8. Lu, they did some looking and found one they really liked, but it was sold before they could do anything. The market here is crazy right now.

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