We Snuck Out

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May 062021

After being tied to my computer for so long getting my new Tinder Street book done, I told Terry I needed to get out of the house for a while. So yesterday we snuck off for a few hours, and it sure felt good.

Our son Travis and his wife Geli have been talking about moving to this area from Alabama, and when they’re here in about three weeks, they want to spend some time looking at houses. There were several they were interested in listed online in the New Smyrna Beach area, so we drove by and checked out several of them. We didn’t make arrangements with any real estate agents to look at them, we just drove by, and if they were vacant, we walked around the property.

The first one was nice and had a big yard in the back with a lot of trees. It was obvious that somebody was a landscaper or gardener because they had some very nice plants growing both in front and in back.

From there, we drove to another house just a few blocks away. Just finding it was an adventure because, for some reason, the Google Maps on either of our phones would not recognize the street name. As it turned out, the street was only one block long, and the neighborhood looked pretty sketchy. It’s amazing how the landscape can change from nice homes on well-manicured lawns to rundown places with junk cars in the driveways and grass that hasn’t seen a lawnmower in years within just a few blocks.

The third place we looked at was a mobile home on about a 1/2 acre of land, and Terry and I were both impressed with what we saw of it. It is semi-rural and has lots of room for a garden, which is a big priority for Travis. If it’s still available when they get down here, I definitely want to show it to them. Is it just a coincidence that the house is located just off of Russell Road?

Terry has been using the same laptop computer for several years now, and it’s on its last legs. I keep telling her she needs to upgrade, but being a frugal woman, she hasn’t wanted to spend the money. However, after what we had to pay in income taxes for 2020 because we weren’t traveling like we normally do, and our accountant telling us we have to spend some money or give it to the government, I think Terry has had a change of mind.

She isn’t sure what she wants and was trying to decide between a new laptop or a 2-in-1 convertible, which can be used either as a computer or as a tablet. So we went to Best Buy in Daytona Beach because they’re the only place around here that has a lot of different models to look at, together. A very nice young man named Cory spent a lot of time with her, and I think she has narrowed it down to either a 17 inch HP Envy laptop or a 15 inch HP Spectre 2-in-1.

Me being Gadget Boy while we were there, I found something kind of cool, Bose audio sunglasses with small headphones built into the frames. They connect with Bluetooth so you can listen to Pandora or something like that on your cell phone through your sunglasses. What will they think of next?

When we left Best Buy, we took Interstate 95 south to look at one more house that Travis and Geli might be interested in. This one was in Mims, just north of Titusville, and it was on a huge parcel of land, 1.12 acres. Travis could darn sure have any kind of garden he wanted there! However, the large house looked very rough and would definitely need a new roof and a lot more investment than it’s probably worth.

Back at home, Terry had a Mother’s Day present waiting for her. Travis and Geli sent her this beautiful metal hummingbird. It’s made to stick in a tree or on a fencepost outside, but Terry said it’s too darn beautiful for that, so she hung it on her office wall so she can look at it during the day while she is working. Those kids sure do love her!

It’s Thursday, so it’s time for a new Free Drawing. This week’s prize is an audiobook copy of Big Lake Lynching, the second book in my Big Lake mystery series. To enter, click on this Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name (first and last) in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening. Note: Due to the high shipping cost of printed books and Amazon restrictions on e-books to foreign countries, only entries with U.S. addresses and e-mail addresses are allowed.

Thought For The Day – Girls mature faster than guys because men don’t usually develop their breasts until their mid-40s.


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  1. Have a friend that i was standing there talking to one day when all of a sudden he started talking but not to me. Thought he was hearing voices in his head, turns out he was. His cell phone can come thru his hearing aids!

  2. RE: HP laptops. I have two. One is a 1.8 which is 3x faster than the 2.7. The 1.8 was a Windows 10 OS which could never update windows due to a recovery partition. I spent a couple of hours, at least once a month, dealing with HP customer service….for four years. They no longer cover my laptop for new drivers etc. Four years and nothing. It even as a B&O stereo which is nowhere near as good as the regular sound system on my other laptop. If you purchase the envy ask the tech if is has a system reserved recovery partition. If it does ask him if it can update Windows 10. Of course he’ll tell you it does. Remember that person when it doesn’t.

    Good luck with that.

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